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What are your guilty pleasures?
Don't blog.
I have watched and fapped to all episodes of Boku no Pico and Natsuyasumi

But no really, all the chuuni shit in my head.
I use my art skills to design and draw original characters for the sole purpose of self-insertion into anime series I enjoy too much, as well as drawing entire storyboards of scenes with my original character(s).
Anime. I'm taking it to my grave.
Blogging on /a/
I read old replies to my old posts in the archive
i fap watching Kuroko no Basket
I fantasize about self-inserting myself in most series that I read/watch, either as a universe jump or as a character in that universe.
Also, I fantasize a lot about my favorite ships in all kinds of AU scenarios.
Self insertion is a natural tendency. Most everyone imagines themselves in those situations and how they would act, at one time or another.
I fap to cuck porn.
You know, that stuff with the niggers and the big dicks and humiliating whitey.

Really, thats it, i can rationalize and adjust all the other weird shit i do and like into my framework of logic, but not that, that makes me feel bad after i cum.
I shitpost in threads about series I have never watched which is most of them because I have only watched 4 series in my life
You're my negro
I'm always replying to shitty threads and obvious bait.

>blog thread
>don't blog
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OP, kindly fuck off
A coincidence. Although that's not usually the case.

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