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How do you people feel about this show? Are you looking forward to the new season? How did you like Hihamukage?
>How do you people feel about this show?
One of my favorite series of all time.
>Are you looking forward to the new season?
Absolutely, I can't wait for Spring.
>How did you like Hihamukage?
I thought it was really well done and removed my fear of the next season not living up to the first. Mushishi is suited for longer episodes.
Hihamukage made me wish that the show takes a sort of Darker Than Black style route with its episodes. You know, each episode being half of a 2-episode story arc. That would be pretty neat.

I'd be very pleased if the new series was all around the quality of Hihamukage, but I think there's a lot of potential here for something even better than the original series, and the original series is unquestionably my favorite anime ever made.

I really do feel like 45 minute episodes are way better for this series, though. It gives them way more time to present visual motifs unique to the episode or theme, and more of an opportunity for depth of theme.

All said, I'm insanely excited. This is going to be the first anime I've actually tried to watch since Attack on Titan aired. I was literally so disappointed by that show that I haven't even gone back to rewatch any shows I love since I saw it. It put me off anime.
>How do you people feel about this show?
My absolute favourite anime, significantly above anything outside my top 3-4
>Are you looking forward to the new season?
YES. OH GOD YES I AM. Seriously, praise the fucking lord.
>How did you like Hihamukage?
It was great! Not as good as my favourites in the 1st season, but way above average as far as Mushishi episodes go. Gives me a lot of hope for S2 surpassing even s1, something I've thought is 100% impossible before even though s2's chapters are generally better than s1.

I actually disagree. I feel like the lenght of episodes is fine, doesn't drag them out and gives them the attention they fully deserve.

Though at the same time, it is very refreshing to see a 45 min ep, so I can understand why you think the way you do. But from what I remember there should be 2 two-episode chapter in s2 anyway considering that they need to make it 26 episodes and there are 24 chapters to adapt with 2 of those chapters being longer than average, one of which is by most people (not including me though) the best chapter in the entire series. Get hype.
Hiroshi Nagahama is the most absurdly faithful director out there, so it'll probably just be 24 episodes, one per chapter. As I recall, the two long stories were split over two chapters.

That said, Mushishi is a marvel of 2000s anime and now will be a marvel of 2010s anime as well. Spring could hardly be looking better. Kind of hoping they leave the Sore Feet Song as the OP and just pretend the 8 year gap never happened.
>Hiroshi Nagahama is the most absurdly faithful director out there
Aku no Hana.
Shot for shot accuracy, cut absolutely nothing, actually added content, worked side-by-side with the mangaka, more accurate to the current tone of the manga than the manga was at that point. The only thing he couldn't be bothered to do was actual shading.
I'd honestly rather hope for Ally Kerr to return with a new song that is just as absurdly good and fitting, even if I do love the Sore Feet Song.

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