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Anyone still think Itsuki will go with Honami? I sure as hell don't, I think it's obvious he'll go with Delicious-tan at this point, but I'm afraid they might go with a "he doesn't choose either because he wants to be friends with everyone because he's spineless" ending. if none of the more obvious three choices for endings, I would be content with him dying in the end perhaps due to the eye or something.
Wow people watch this?

I saw the first episode and then deleted the rest. Does it get any better?
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It's the most underrated anime of the season. I enjoyed the recent surprise lesbian wedding.

OP here.

I like the OP and ED, Characters are pretty good, Delicious-tan is delicious and the story seems like it might get great at the end. There are a few rough patch episodes like the one about Nyaashiki or whatever, and the ghost children on christmas. But I still think it's great considering it's a harem.

Also, he punches shit later on. Great punches.
Didn't he run away with both girls or something? im only on Ep19 but spoilers abound
You mean the one that got interrupted by a butthurt fag?

Would YOU let the person your in love with get married? I'd be like fuck that, I OWN YOU dammit.

Plus, he's not a fag. He punches shit.
if he ever does choose a girl he will pick honami, because japan love their stupid predictable cliches

He chose the white wedding dress for Adilisia, not really symbolic but white is generally considered the popular choice for a wedding dress. Also, he hugged Adilisa after he thought she was dead, she pushed herself up against his naked back, AND they've kissed/exchanged blood.

Honami just hits him and is rude to him, and he puts up with that bitch.
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Itsuki marries Addie and Honami is their mistress = BEST END.
He should go with Adilisia, all the things they've been through together and a "LOL childhood friend" ending? that would fucking suck!
I would much prefer it if he chose Addy aswell, but he won't. Honami has the lame backstory about when they were kids and became a magician to protect him blah blah blah. She is also the first girl you see in the OP. The "rich girl" stereotype character Addy falls under never gets the guy either. Just enjoy the Addy attention while it lasts.
did this shit ever get watchable?
Your post would've been flawless.
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I never got why a lot of people bitch about this series.
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it rarely gets mentioned on /a/. I prefer it that way, /a/ just bitches and moans and calls everything shit anyway. I don't claim RM to be some great anime or anything, I know it's pretty generic, but I'm enjoying it anyway.
That duck..
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He has yet to get with anyone in the novels, but it should be fairly obvious from the beginning that he'll end up with the childhood friend.


That's what you have to put up with when you have a 3D girl. Nasty stuff oozing out their vagOOO.

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