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Will there ever be an anime for OnePunch Man?
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I hope not.
If there is, even if it's good, it will never live up to any of our expectations.
Maybe, but the only for the adaptation to satisfy is to have it be done at Bones with Yutaka Nakamura as the lead action animator.
I feel like it'd only live up if the production values were amazing.
I wonder how much in donations they would get if they some company started a Kickstarter.
I don't want one one, the budget it would have to have is too much for a proper adaptation. A professional motion comic would be better, best of both worlds (the great manga art, motion, voice acting, OST) and it would not cost anywhere near as much as an anime.
Not much
I can honestly say that I wouldn't donate because I'm really stingy.
It certainly wouldn't be enough to have a high-quality, long-running show, but
>OPM movie
Maybe, but the only for the adaptation to satisfy is to have it be done with a million Murata clones
As much as I would watch a potential OPM anime, you always hear the same argument every time the idea of something like it comes up.
>The quality would go down if it was animated
Honestly, I agree. Murata's art is just so damn good I think we would all be angry if the show wasn't just as good - which is likely. Maybe it's better for it to stay a manga, at least for now.
The only anime I can accept is a 5 minute flash short by DLE done in ONE's style.
Not related, but since Boon dropped OPM, is anyone else scanlating anymore or are we left with subpar releases now?

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