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File: GG_04.20_12.png (781.46 KB, 1644x2400)
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781.46 KB PNG
Cute girls' slice of life during a zombie apocalypse.

What's up with that basement?
go on.
more like bite of life
File: 004.png (69.26 KB, 435x376)
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It'll heal your heart, don't worry about it.
Manga Kirara manga about cute girls is a better zombie apocalypse series than Highschool of the Dead. It's not really surprising, considering that faggot author is just a petty hentai "artist".
is shovel ga kill? dropping immediately if she dies
File: Spoiler Image (351.47 KB, 1644x1772)
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351.47 KB PNG
She'll be fine, don't worry.
Fucking death flags.
File: wch gg wu fq.jpg (862.22 KB, 1984x1440)
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862.22 KB JPG
Which gakkou would you gurashi?
Megu-nee, she's drop dead gorgeous.
File: 009.png (46.75 KB, 245x456)
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46.75 KB PNG
Well if you have that sort of fetish...
Shovel, I'd operate with her.
File: Gakkou Gurashi_ch03_22.png (498.66 KB, 900x1282)
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498.66 KB PNG
File: Gakkou_Gurashi_ch07_21.png (345.66 KB, 994x1440)
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I love trembling girls.
File: 0.png (1.46 MB, 3325x2400)
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Why did Megu-nee keep it a secret?
I hope she will die soon
Dose teeth
File: shovel.png (54.10 KB, 497x584)
54.10 KB
54.10 KB PNG
Why would you want that?
Best girl, don't die ;__;

(Pretty sure she'll live after all that though)
File: Gakkou_Gurashi_ch08_02.jpg (481.10 KB, 1988x1440)
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481.10 KB JPG
Maybe she'll become invisible to them like in World War Z.

Didn't the book mention that people were always mistaken when they thought were invisible to zombie? I remember something about humans with PTSD who get mistaken as zombies and disastrous consequences etc.
Love this series, but the last chapters had me really worried, for a while I thought she was going to die.
In a thread yesterday, it was mentioned that it is possible that Megu opened the box with the experimental serum (it was tainted with blood), tried to use it but it did not work).
The next chapter is out in Japan? I tried looking but was unable to find out. Probably because I don't understand Japanese.
Am I the only one who noticed that bloody hand print of the suitcase that contained the zombie antidote and the last time we saw Megu-nee alive was outside a classroom door and telling her imouto and girls to lock the door tight while being surrounded by zombies, meaning that despite being injured and bitten already, Megu-nee had fought her way to the school basement from the upper floor and was just a hand away from opening the medical suitcase only to finally sucubb to her injuries, die, and then turn into a zombie.

Also, judging from the state of Megu's face, Megu-nee was more heavily injured from zombies compared to Shovel Chick so the antidote may not have been able to make up for the fact that Megu-nee might have been bitten on various parts of her body compared to Shovel Chick who only got bitten on the shoulder.
File: Spoiler Image (1.18 MB, 1644x2400)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB PNG
Of course not, it was kind of in our faces.

I'm still really bothered by these last few chapters. Why was that in the basement? How did the government know it was going to happen, and why were they so poor at preventing it? Why did Megu-nee keep it a secret? Mii-kun's guess doesn't seem like a reasonable theory.
I was reading this on batoto but it doesn't seem to have all the chapters yet, where can I find all of it?
File: 1342569407857.jpg (31.65 KB, 500x404)
31.65 KB
31.65 KB JPG
Oh shit, just checked and batoto actually has all of it, I'm retarded.
Well the scanlation of it stopped since last year, the few new chapters was just done by anon few days ago.
Normally, the existence of that stuff would mean hope for rescue from the outside, and that would be a good reason to tell them. Hiding it would only make sense if either it's unlikely anyone is left outside, or the government had a reason to turn against any survivors.

Most likely, the supplies were left by a conspiracy that was at fault for the disaster and attempting to cover it up. In that case, the rest of the government and foreign countries won't have medicine and knowing too much might cause the girls to be targeted.

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