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Just recently got into Hunter X Hunter. I don't think a Battle shounen could ever get more naturally progressive than HxH.

Pretty damn good so far.

Have a good day /a/.

And it's so obvious that Naruto copied the exams from HxH I watched that series first
Not OP, which to start from : Manga, 1999 or 2011?
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Read the beginning of the manga as well. Even if it's just the first chapter or so. You're missing out on a pretty important character that was left out from the 2011 anime who comes back way later.
Watch first episode of '99 or read first few chapters of the manga, then switch to 2011.

Gon's backstory was left out of the start of the 2011 series for whatever reason, it gets covered in '99 and the manga though. Pretty important because there's a character from it that comes into play later.
Each has their merits. I think the manga is best overall though.

The 1999 series has a great atmosphere for one of the arcs and some pretty interesting filler. Characters that don't have a lot of focus in the manga get some funny/cool scenes despite not coming back much later. It cuts out one of the really cool early fights because of censoring though. The only part that's not worth watching is the Greed Island ovas, which came out in the early years of digital animation and had a low budget.

The 2011 is really good at the impactful moments and scenes but sometimes it's lacking a bit during the "less important" parts and you can tell it wants to move fast to get to get to the material that the old anime didn't get to. Despite moving fast/skipping some stuff it does add in neat little touches that you could only get from the information guides or from reading later arcs, which is a nice touch.

The manga has some wonky art problems in later parts of it. There are scans from the volume releases that are mostly fixed but sometimes those aren't scanlated. Even with that, I think it tells the story in its purest form and it makes both anime more worthwhile.
I like that filename. It successfully rused me.

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