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After how many series did you start to notice a tendency towards certain styles, themes or genres of anime?

What kind of elements do you want your series to contain?

Would you or do you watch shows that contain these elements even if they're considered subpar according to other standards?
After a couple hundred series I now almost exclusively watch moe SoL shit. It's just so good.
I'm a sucker for plotted-out, elaborate magic systems. That's why I'm into Nasu and I have a higher tolerance for Raildex's magic side than apparently 90% of its fanbase. Of course, when I admit this, I get tons of shit flung at me for some reason, but hey.
What he said
Anything bittersweet for me, really. To name the obvious, TTGL was probably the perfect embodiment of this with all the sacrifices and Nia's disappearance at the end. I watched and enjoyed, faggots the F/SN because of the bittersweet elements of the Fate route. I don't know, I'm just a sucker for it
When I first started watching anime in the 90's I consumed almost everything that was available on vhs from Blockbuster and was able to at least watch one anime from just about every genre.

It didn't take too many series for me to realize that I prefer just about anything that involves science fiction, action, the military, police, robots, and mostly mature themes involving politics, religion, philosophy, psychology, etc.

From this one would be able to tell that I enjoyed Gunbuster, Bubblegum Crisis, and Ghost in the Shell overall.

I will at least give a show that contains the elements I described a chance before I drop it.
Why do you come to /a/ when pretty much every other anime site is a better fit for you?
Like where, by the way?
>Would you or do you watch shows that contain these elements even if they're considered subpar according to other standards?
I will watch whatever I enjoy, regardless what others think. If I don't want shit flung at me however, I'll keep it to myself. I'll still enjoy it.
Anything from him besides Tsukihime and Fate series worth checking out? Only familiar with those
Kara no Kyoukai, DDD, or Mahoyo comes to mind. Though the first of these is heavily tied to Tsukihime nowadays.

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