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File: shiki.png (2.27 MB, 1920x1200)
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HOLY FUCK THAT WAS BRUTAL! Here I was expecting some shitty disney ending but holy mother of fuck... Can we have a Shiki thread? The worst part about watching this anime was knowing that it all has to come to an end... I feel empty, /a/... ;_;7
File: tractor.gif (446.60 KB, 271x180)
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truly the hardest death to watch ;_;
File: 1388206164147.gif (666 KB, 400x360)
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The manga had better deaths, but doctor's smirk is mad scientist level.
I fucking loved that guy but hated him at the same time. For some odd reason, I felt bad for the vamps. I'm making weird noises right now because I don't know how to express myself... it sounds like dgaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahdddgaah! I can't fucking handle myself ring hown,
This scene is literally one of my favorite climaxes out of any anime I've seen. Definetely a God Tier character
Do you think he did the right thing? When I saw the loli vamp running helplessly I wanted to reach out and save her. Muroi did the right thing.
I think the problem came from the presentation of the base problem. If the Shiki just went to the people and said: Guys, we are vamps, we need blood, and can probably live out of little to no people, everyone would have lived happily.
Oh god, that scene where Ozaki reveals that vampire bimbo to the entire city

My revenge boner was so fucking hard.

Take a note, that's how you make a god tier protagonist
File: abstract kind of HELL.jpg (371.60 KB, 854x859)
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God why can't this be real life? I want to be apart of something like this... trying to uncover the truth. FUCK THIS MUNDANE EARTH! I want to be the main character of my own life, not just some shaded side char...
Her character was always a little flat
Go to thailand and make connections with the underground

Boom, all of a sudden you're a Black Lagoon character
File: ....jpg (149.55 KB, 797x515)
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The shiki went about their business without consideration of the humans. Some humans didn't want to be Shiki and died because of it. Just look at the nurse. If that girl was the leader of the Shiki and honestly did not kill out of harm or malice, then why not confront the humans and settle things without going around turning unwilling people. For being over 100 years old she is irresponsible and the monk is autistic for siding with them. Fuck the Shiki.
File: real life revy.png (1.28 MB, 1600x1200)
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>the monk did the right thing
Fuck off, monster lover.
>not wanting to protect a qtp2t loli for the rest of eternity.

Fuck off, lolicon. If Sunako had the body of a 30 year old man nobody would be sympathetic to the Shiki.

She was a dumb cunt who's fantasies ruined a whole village. She deserved Angry Santa's hammer treatment.
>I'm studying to be a marine biologist
Fucking Jotaro.
I liked Megumi
File: 1358710664805.jpg (98.79 KB, 1024x563)
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Which hairstyle would you swag on Shikiland
Cosplaying Shiki characters must be a pain.
Reminder that Shiki are scum and deserved to die.

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