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Why do authors ruin stories with unnecessarily long time skips? Maid-sama did not need to end with this long of a time skip. It seems that time skips can be a good device to neatly end long running series, but they are usually poorly implemented and just leave a bad taste in your mouth.

It took them 10 years to marry? What the fuck, so much wasted time. They could have been together much sooner. God damn it Misaki, how much of a dumb ambitious bitch can you be?

Maid sama thread
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Anybody else finish the manga?
I asked myself that same question when the last chapter came out. The series had such a shit ending. Granted, the whole story arc leading up was a bit lacking, there wasn't any real conflict building up like earlier in the series, but the ending was just so out of place.

I'm still trying to figure out why Takumi would even agree to becoming the heir to his Britfag relatives. That shit was so contrived. Man should have stuck them the middle finger and stayed in Japan being best Gary Stu with his maid waifu. Be a doctor or some shit.
I could look at those armpits all day.
I stopped reading at ch 76, a few chapters after Usui left
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I got that Takumi decided that the Brits would never leave him alone, so the best way was to join them in his own way. Misaki, on the otherhand, made no fucking sense at all. Takumi said he didn't about about appearances, so she could have joined him directly after graduating from university. Becoming an ambassador was fucking ridiculous, now she will barely ever see him.
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Don't worry. It's about there that everything starts tumbling down. Mikasa follows Usui with the help of whats his nuts (the almost rapist from that one school (I don't remember anyone's name)) to Britain. Boring shit happens. She decides to become some super special person to match Usui's new position as heir. 2nd male love interest becomes a couple with Misa's imouto. More contrived shit in Japan for the sake of a scene where Usui gets into a fight with Pseudo-Rapist before Misa intervenes. 10 year time skip for no fucking reason, half assed conclusion.

My advice, make up some head canon. You couldn't do too much worse than what's established.
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I'm not sure if the Nipps have a restraining order, but fuck, he should have done something. Maybe the Usui half of his family could have told them to fuck off. And wait, she was an ambassador? I thought she became a journalist or some shit. Fuck that whole chapter is just a rage induced blur now.

So can we all agree that what the anime covers is pretty much the best part of the series and almost everything after is a decline in quality?
Yeah, that was some contrived shit.

Having the rich president fawn over Misaki was forced as shit, and then that hit squad came out of nowhere during exams. Did the author lose it or something?
Yeah I raged like a motherfucker when I read the ending.

Yeah she became a diplomat and travels all the time (what happened to be a nice housewife?) She went full retard. She wanted to impress everyone, but she got a position that put her even further from Usui. She was also going to Africa to be raped
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This page explains it.
I am just going to try and forget the shit ending and relive the good times.
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That whole arc just seems to be full of convenient plot devices to turn Takumi and Misa into super amazing duo to the max, though that fact was already established, and established to a point that I was comfortable with.

Just, why? Why couldn't it have been like the rest of the series and have Usui go fuck all y'all before taking Misa on an outer space adventure with his perverted outer-space alien ship?

Were it so easy.
File: KwMs78-S2scans.rar-03.png (537.26 KB, 887x1300)
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We can't have nice things.But I will say that there were a few things that I did like about the ending.

Sakura and Kuuga getting married, Suzuna and You getting married, and Aoi and Honoka. I had shipped those guys together for a while, so I was glad that at least that much worked out.
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I wonder if we'll ever get a season 2 with an original ending.

How were the sales for season 1?

Yeah, I liked how they gave the side characters happy ends though I wish, in Hinata and Suzuna's case, there had been a bit more build up earlier on. Still doesn't get rid of the sour aftertaste.
Oh I finished it. To the bitter end.
Usui a shit. Tiger-san would have taken her for himself, career woman or not.
File: 2013-08-03 20.19.13.jpg (104.68 KB, 480x480)
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>Usui a shit
>Tiger-san doing anything with Misa-chan
fite me nerd
Usui's passive aggressive shittery is annoying.
His manga design is fucking awful.
His personality and approach is everything wrong with love interests in shoujo.
Being European royalty was just the finishing blow.

He stood no chance, but Tiger-san was obviously the superior one.
Doesn't it end with them "married" but they only see each other like twice a year?

Haven't read a single page but if that's true, what a fuckstupid ending.
I thought for Suzuna there was enough build up with You. It seemed like she really cherished him (based on their comical interactions).
Tiger did grow on me, but it was too little too late. It did cross my mind that there would be some bad end where Usui and Misaki wouldn't get together and Tiger would take over
I though Usui was cool, but I agree that after a while his passive aggressive shit got old. I also got tired of the "not my girlfriend" that he kept spouting.
File: 2013-08-03 20.05.44.jpg (84.72 KB, 640x361)
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>Usui's passive aggressive shittery is annoying.
That's kind of the point of his character, though. He's fairly detached from everything thanks to his fucked up family.

>His manga design is fucking awful.
I'd say they're about the same. Anime was fairly generic looking, but still nice. Manga took a bit to get used to, but made the characters look distinct.

>His personality and approach is everything wrong with love interests in shoujo
>Being European royalty was just the finishing blow.
This is why I'm trying to forget everything about the last story arc. I liked when Maid-sama was a light hearted generic shoujo. That, I felt, was kind of the point.

>Tiger-san was obviously the superior one
see >>100999732
What did people think about the Usui's mother's story? I was fairly torn between thinking she was a bitch for betraying her childhood friend and feeling sorry for her because she couldn't get together with who she really loved.
I agree, the story lost focus when Usui's family was brought in. Instead, the author should have continued the lighthearted story with a dash of antagonism from the folks at the rich school.
dropped this shit long ago anon
So can we agree that Misaki a shit and Suzuna a goddess?
Usui's past would have need to have been touched on at some point. There was too much going on there for the series to just completely sidestep. I just dislike how it was handled. Changed the tone too much for my taste.

This is why I can't trust shoujo. Most of the time you always get contrived stuff like this.

But it's especially sad this time, since Maid-sama had plenty of charm to it, so all this unnecessary drama in the final arcs plus that ending was a low blow.
Honestly, the whole arc felt forced especially when Gerald and the grandfather didn't even die. The whole point of getting Usui to be the next heir was that the other two were going to die soon and Edward was incompetent. For Gerald to live for 10 years more was stupid. In that time Gerald could have had an heir himself.
I just find that, in general, endings in long running series seem weak.
Fuck, I never even thought of that, now I'm even more mad. Did the author just get bored with the series and decide to half-ass the final arc?
It's not just the ending. The last 2 arcs were especially bad.
It's as if the author forgot what type of manga she was writing, and then went on a tangent.
File: 1320958122174.jpg (27 KB, 400x399)
27 KB
Why didn't Usui disavow his heritage to the Isildur line of kings and become a maid cafe owner of the Japanese realm of Akihabara?
As soon as Gerald showed up the series went down the drain, but I could still forgive that bullshit. The ending was the deal-breaker for me. The author ruined Misaki's character.
Whatever, the series is not bad but I still dropped it.
Best girl is the head maid of the maid cafe.
Because that would have been a satisfying conclusion. Japan can't into ending their shit in a halfway decent way.
The one on the right? Honoka?

She was S as fuck.

Not that guy but I loved the whole cast. The anime was so cute and charming. I'm kinda glad I didn't go into the manga now.
They could have also run away together. That would have been better than what we got.
I mean the left one. The right is a close second, though.
If there was one thing that the author did well it was character design. The majority of the cast was endearing.
While I am venting. What the fuck was Misaki doing over the course of the time skip? [/spoiler:lit]Even though she was in Japan she did not visit the cafe or her old school friends, how did she turn into such shit? She also chose a career that separated her from Usui, which made no sense because the whole point of getting a high status job was to be able to be at Usui's side[/spoiler:lit]. Holy fuck why can't we have nice things?
While I am venting. What the fuck was Misaki doing over the course of the time skip? Even though she was in Japan she did not visit the cafe or her old school friends, how did she turn into such shit? She also chose a career that separated her from Usui, which made no sense because the whole point of getting a high status job was to be able to be at Usui's side. Holy fuck why can't we have nice things?

Because most mangaka burn out and end their manga in shitty ways because of any number of halfhearted reasons. Even successful mangakas with anime adaptations. A lot of the time, they write about something they're passionate about like cosplay and maid cafes; but when they attempt to move on to content that challenges their creative scope or collective social experience, they often fall apart or end up relying on tropes to float through story arcs.
That makes sense.Most manga are built on one novel concept or mechanic, but that one novelty cannot sustain a series forever. Like for Maid-sama, the novelty was a school president hiding her secret of working in a maid cafe,but the author had to leave her comfort zone and add other dramatic things to keep the story going.
this show was really hard to marathon. at first it was alright but they kept re-using the same jokes or humor so it got dull rather quickly. and then at the last episode "oh we forgot we have to add romance so lets kiss at the last minute to get it over with"
it was just really stupid.
>Why do authors ruin stories with unnecessarily long time skips?
My guess is authors like to put couples through "the test of time" as the final boss, but it's infuriating for readers to watch them waste their youth apart.

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