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God damn.

Super latefag here. After THAT end to the series I was skeptical Rebellion could possibly have anywhere left to go. How naive I was!

I'm still coming down from the high, but one little thing lingers: (actual spoiler here and stuff) There at the end, the piece of broken Madoka says she thinks breaking rules just for selfish reasons is bad. That seems a hypocritical of her, her own wish was some selfish rule-breaking indeed; it just luckily happened to be beneficial for the rest of magical-girl-kind.

Homura did _things_ wrong. But I can hardly blame her, she's only human.
Madoka is anime of the decade.
I'm sorry?

Anyway. Pics please, if Anon would be so kind. Like I said, super latefag, my collection has only just started to bud.

Well, I feel like wishes are by definition selfish. It's what you wish for after all. Selfishness is a very natural thing.

As is hypocrisy! Don't get me wrong, I don't think Madoka is bad, just human, regardless of her desire to surpass her own humanity. I'm left excited how this will play out. Where the fuck are you going to take this story now, Shaft?
Also I wonder if only-ever-would-have-been-just-a-human Madoka really believes that, and thus it becomes difficult to say it's hypocritical.
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>Pics please, if Anon would be so kind
>my collection has only just started to bud
Sonny, we don't take kindly to strangers 'round these parts.
File: madohomu cook.jpg (404.47 KB, 600x800)
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Only bumped 'cause I wanted to post (and translate) this. (Though my food vocab is lacking, haven't heard of most of this.) If you've got runes, I could maybe give them a shot.

>Smells really nice (Madoka, that is)
I got the dashi for this New Year's dish. The bonito smells nice doesn't it?
>I can't wait to eat (Madoka, that is)
Just a little longer. I have to cook the rice cakes, too.

>Happy New Year

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