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>Mature content filter is On
Sometimes I'm tempted to make a Deviantart account.
Why are you linking instead of posting you fucking retard?

Yoshida couldn't rest easily, the calling from her hole begged for her, she couldn't stay asleep and pretend it wasn't there. Eventually, she was awake...knowing that it was her destiny to fit inside her hole, she got out of her sleeping bag and turned to Owaki, silently kissing him goodbye.

She left the tent and became hypnotized, slowly walking back to her hole. In her mind, she's struggling...trying to fight back and regain herself, but her body was fixed to the temptation of the hole.

When she finally reached her hole, she began pulling out all the rocks from head to toe, one by one, the night and the atmosphere hit her...it was freezing and almost pitch black. She could hear the voice from the hole in her mind saying "Unblock me...free me...we'll finally be together at last."

After she pulled out the last rock, she stared into the darkness filling inside her hole, her eyes were dead and soulless, her breathing was slow and deep, she couldn't turn back. Another soul was taking control of her body, her hands were pulling off the shoes, unbuttoning the shirt, taking it off and dropping it on the ground, unzipping the jeans and letting them slowly drop from her bare thighs, down to her legs and resting on her ankles, before kicking them off her feet.

She almost felt naked, cold and shivering with nothing but her bra, panties, and socks on. As she took one step forward toward her hole, she began crying and weeping, knowing that this was her fate, it was inevitable and she had to seal it. Another step forward, she's just touching the surface of the rock, she slowly whispers "Goodbye, Owaki" before taking her last two steps forward, placing her feet and body inside the edge of the hole.

The hole began guiding her deep down into the darkness, she could feel herself moving but wasn't in control anymore, the cold, curved rock grinded against her skin, it felt as if someone was dragging her inside the darkness. The movement made her body tingle, it was almost pleasurable, it gave Yoshida a delightful, erotic moan as she kept sinking down into the mountain...but the pleasure would soon end as her body began to take shape...Yoshida had been seduced by the fault.

Wow, that story was fucking retarded. Does this faggot get off to this?

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