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Since Nichijou has the most banners, does that mean it's the best anime?
I guess that also means Naruto is good.
You have a point.
It means that we had a banner making contest or whatever some time during or after the time Nichijou aired.

You can also see that many of the banners are from Yuyushiki, despite that show being totally irrelevant now, because of the same reason.
Not exactly, that just means it lends itself well to making banners, and was relatively new when the banner contests were held.

That said, in my opinion it is a really good show, even if the humor does falter a bit sometimes.
It means that it was airing when moot finally started accepting new banners. If I remember right some dickface jumped the gun and sent off a batch to moot that no one put through quality control so he just slapped them all on despite half of them looking terrible.
/sp/ has the most banners
>It means that it was airing when moot finally started accepting new banners.
No it wasn't.
I really do hate those Yuyushki banners, that show was fucking horrible.
At least people had enough foresight to shoot down the millions of terrible SnK and AnH banners made during the last(?) round.

Agreed, but the fanbase was committed enough to make quality banners within the alloted file size, and a lot of them at that, much more than actually accepted, so it's not strange moot let a couple through. The show was really popular right that moment too, so many voted for them in our QC.

I have a couple of banners saved that I had preferred gracing the top of the site over them, but you can't get everything. The worst part of the that banner contest was that moot by large disregarded our QC and accepted banners that had been eliminated just because the faggots who made them were sore losers and posted them in the /q/ thread anyway.

God, I'm so glad /q/ is gone.

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