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File: sol.jpg (89.91 KB, 235x687)
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Which is the better SoL? Aria or NNB.
Lets see if /a/ truly has good taste.

Vote here:
This is a joke, right?

Nobody thinks Aria is better than NNB.
The NNB fanbase has only seen 5 animes.
Fuck off IRC
Why not NNB vs A-Channel?
Because the NNB fanbase like to claim their shitty show is better than classics like Aria.
>No "both are shit" option
Shit poll.
File: 1384213246556.jpg (72.28 KB, 1280x720)
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72.28 KB JPG
I've had Aria back logged for ages will probably watch it next but NNB was fucking amazing.
Best show in 2013.
>mad NNB is losing
>implying I can get mad because shit is losing to shit
>implying you aren't foaming at the mouth right now
OP: I don't know who you are, or why you make so many threads about NNB hoping to make people mad, but you should know that I'm picking it up just because of these threads. You probably don't care, but you might get a chuckle out of it.
>Non Non Shitori
>mediocre shit

Pick both.
>Fighting over two of the best shows in their genre
Ironic considering the premise of the genre itself. NNB threads could learn from Widebros.
>best anything

I hope you're trolling.
They're both good, comfortable shows. I prefer Aria, myself, mostly because I live in a setting much like NNB's and didn't get a lot out of the scenery.
Hidamari > *
Unfunny unanimated shaft shit, no thanks.
>I can use buzzwords! Do I fit in yet?
I'm tired of "I've seen <50 shows" newfags thinking they're allowed to post just because they figured out board culture.
Thats ironic coming from someone that thinks NNB is best anything.
Don't think I don't notice the faggot in this thread proxy voting.

You are part of the reason /a/ hates you cancerous fags.

And with that this thread is now CLOSED and poll officially over.


Oh shit, you are right. From 22 to almost passing Aria.
>everyone who disagrees with me is the same person
You're wrong there, and the point is that NNB and Aria excel as iyashikei.
What's your refined opinion, anon--what anime do you think better represent healing anime? YKK? Haibane Renmei? Maybe you think Amanchu improved on Aria?

Just criticizing others without adding anything productive yourself is pretty blatant shitposting and a clear sign that you have no idea what you're talking about.
File: 1388865511962.jpg (53.83 KB, 700x525)
53.83 KB
53.83 KB JPG
>People actually think some shitty one-cour from last season can compete with a timeless classic
Thats funny because thats exactly what you did in your last post.

Why are NNBfags so fucking retarded?
I already posted my opinion, and yet you're still side-stepping the point because you're a fucking blight on this board.
I didn't do what you did, because I didn't make an ignorant, uninformed post. It's pretty clear to me what you are, whereas you have no clue what you're talking about in relevance to anime that you can't find on the front page of "/a/ recommendations wiki".
Bla Bla Bla, go project to someone that cares, nerd.
Great argument.
>i lost
File: 342461.jpg (95.72 KB, 750x531)
95.72 KB
95.72 KB JPG
This whole proxy voting is an embarrassment to the iyashikei fanbase
>mad because nobody likes Non Non Shitori
>Trying to make iyashikei fans fight among themselves

Sorry your favorite show didn't win whichever poll you're mad about,
File: 1260869110406.jpg (22.26 KB, 480x273)
22.26 KB
22.26 KB JPG
We all know what the true masterpiece is when it comes to slow SOL.
File: 1370058563940.png (112.77 KB, 512x512)
112.77 KB
112.77 KB PNG
>trying to troll iyashikei fans
g8 b8 m8
Its SoL, dumb sketchbookfag. You guys are about as retarded as the girls in that show.
File: equally-best.jpg (41.61 KB, 372x372)
41.61 KB
41.61 KB JPG
Aria needs a few more votes before I can be happy with how the thread turned out. Iyashikei bros know what's up.
File: Bait 2.png (203.68 KB, 998x1000)
203.68 KB
203.68 KB PNG
It wouldn't be hard for you to even pretend you know what you're talking about. You could just fucking Google some healing anime.
Sadly, you're not a distinguished anime fan by any means. You're just here to shitpost out of ressentiment. What caused the void in your life is beyond reasonable deductive capability, and you're obviously unwilling to share, so we'll never know. Regardless, you're going about escapism the wrong fucking way, anon. Grow up and come back when you can appreciate a good show.

tl;dr pls no bully in the iyashikei threads

Nobody cares.
Even with proxy votes, Non Non Shitori is having trouble winning.
File: 1381953909451.jpg (55.38 KB, 500x500)
55.38 KB
55.38 KB JPG
>this whole thread
>OP on the loose
Fuck off IRC and take your "NNB is le new Aria XD" meme with you.
>"NNB is le new Aria XD"

They wish. 10 years from now /a/ will still talking about Aria. Nobody will remember NNB.
Sketchbook seems like it's more enjoyed by people with slight autism. So why doesn't /a/ talk about it more?
It's just one of those series that was well-received on /a/ back when the anime aired and pattered out because there simply wasn't anything new to talk about.
Same as all of the old stuff really.
I hope NonNon gets a second season.
They would be bonkers not to make one.
File: 1383223669763.jpg (1.14 MB, 680x1671)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB JPG
>still this worked up over having shit taste

Chill out bro, go watch some anime.
File: I posted it again.jpg (98.13 KB, 682x1019)
98.13 KB
98.13 KB JPG
so you are now innovating...
Shit, now you want to chill? I was trying to bait you into actual discussion of anime more than once, but you only respond with ad hominem.
This board is for discussion of anime and manga. If you don't want to to that, you don't have to be here.
File: healed.jpg (304.99 KB, 1061x515)
304.99 KB
304.99 KB JPG
Iyashikei bros did not disappoint
Shit anon, I was ignoring those threads because "i posted it again" but this one totally tricked me. Thanks.
File: 1212308228358.jpg (204.20 KB, 1251x2000)
204.20 KB
204.20 KB JPG

I voted Aria. Watching Aria is an experience.

You can't just come back from work, go "Imma watch aria now on animestream.info", sit down with your soda and then take a bathroom break with the OP.

You can't say "oh I'll just watch it as I fold my clothes because nothing really happens in the series"

Aria is an experience. Aria is a commitment. You gotta get ready, you gotta get clean, you gotta get comfy, because Aria won't just show you Neo Venizia, It'll fucking take you there.

When the sunset colors the sky and the endless seas orange, and that andante guitar melody is being played in the background, do you not feel like you, too, are standing on the decks of Aria Company?

During the winter, when you watched that episode with the baked potato, did you not taste its rich, warm flavours with Akari?

I haven't even started on the fucking characters.

Non non Biyori is super cute. I missed my Nondays. But for me, cuteness can't beat my happy vacations in Neo Venizia.
>another proxy war
What exactly do you want to achieve OP?
copypasta worthy prose here, good sir.
The only people using proxies are the Ariafags.
the only people who think NNB is better than Aria haven't watched Ria
mfw I'm falling for a bait thread.

Aria (and Aqua) is one of my all-time favorite manga. Art, pacing, story etc, I loved everything.
Therefore I watched the anime. And was disappointed. Sure, it wasn't bad, there's hundreds of worse shows, but it lacked something. The art wasn't as fantastic as the source, the songs weren't as beautifu las I imagined them, and sadly, I found it a bit boring.

On the contrary, Non Non Biyori's manga is just okay, better than the average, fun and cute, but nothing out of the ordinary (and with good art but sometimes strange proportions).
And the anime gave it a soul. The music, the backrounds, the voices, all those things made it better. It's one of the only adaptations I've seen that is on par or even surpass the source material.

So, if I'd say : Aria (manga) >>>>> NNB (anime) > NNB (manga) > Aria (anime)
Wow, I wrote like a retard.
This anon gets it. It's really unfair to compare SoL let alone iyashikei to one another. They're special in their own way.
File: 1365093639984 (1).png (188.16 KB, 262x181)
188.16 KB
188.16 KB PNG
ARIA easily, anyone who says NNB just havent experienced the bliss that is ARIA.

Once you watch ARIA you learn to love every SOL.
always put on your Akari Goggles
my Neo Venetzian nigga
If Aria was remade in recent years using new technology then it will be obviously better than NNB
File: 373965.png (28.73 KB, 100x125)
28.73 KB
28.73 KB PNG
BDs will come out eventually but just because Aria was made on older technology doesn't mean NNB>Aria.
Can someone explain the sudden outburst of shitposting around NNB? I heard it was alright but haven't gotten around to trying it.
IRC and people who treat anime like a chore but mainly the shitposters are anons who force themselves to like SoL when it's obviously not suited to their taste.
You can probably blame a lot of NNB shitposting on IRC. Siz was around a lot, so cries of IRC are far from unfounded.
As a guy who grew up in the country but has been stuck in the city for the past six years for college and grad school, NNB was tremendously therapeutic for me.

However, it still can't top Aria. NNB is pretty great, but Aria is god-tier.
>vote tied
people are new/people have shit taste/people are using proxies/people are trolling/etc

Even to someone who hasn't seen either of those shows, he/she would clearly see that there is more preference for Aria by anons.
>always put on your Akari Goggles
A good motto for life in general, really.
File: 1372961234265.png (114.07 KB, 239x242)
114.07 KB
114.07 KB PNG
>any SoL topping Aria

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