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>expect a shitty show with shitty CGI with no lasting impression
>get a fucking great show with some pretty impressive CGI, fantastic soundtrack and some of the best action scenes of last year.

How was your reaction to this when it aired? I never got the impression that it was this good, but fuck me I'm loving the hell out of it.
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Also best girl along with Takao
New manga chapter when?
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It had a quite large fanbase and and the overall reaction was good, except the ones who never started to watch it. It was a nice surprise of that season.
>inb4 mangafags shitting up the thread
what is that?
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Seriously? There was about one show that started arguments of acceptable/good CGI graphics and it was last season.
google image search
There were like three shows last season with CGI battleships/little girls, most people don't take the time to tell one from another

It's Arpeggio of Blue Steel
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I was already hyped for it before it started since I really liked the manga.

>How was your reaction to this when it aired?

>first few episodes
>it's shit. CG is terrible. they're cutting out many interesting things

>mansion episode

>beach episode
>lol bea- oh, kongou coming over. mhhh... that dress. and some actual conversations to be had.

>takao ;_;

>400, 402 ;_;

>hahaha deathstar, darth kongou bullshit. but awesome bullshit
>wow, decent english
>What the hell it's totally CG
12 episodes later
I-it's our carnival ;_;
File: MyWaifu2.jpg (66.35 KB, 1280x720)
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I found my waifu with this show.

10/10 do want more.
Kongou book fucking when, 402? was my reaction.
Mangafag here. Arpeggio turned out amazing and saved the season after the kill la kill fiasco. But any follow up should be a full reboot.
I agree, as fun as it was the Kongou deathstar was too much and not having Yamato and Musashi plotting shit takes away from one of the mysterious things of the series.
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>was too much
Eh, it's ok to end the show in a glorious blaze. But not something to build on.

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