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Good afternoon /a/,

/v/ here. I recently purchased a PSP, and noticed I could play videos on it. Trouble is, it's rather picky on what kind of videos will it play, and I've had quite several frustrating experiences getting it to play what I want.

Obviously, I need to convert my videos to a proper format, which I've succesfully done on counted few occassions, but not so in a reliable way. Especially when dealing with MKV files with subtitles and having them stay after the conversion. What I'm looking right now is for a converter that could help me achieve this with ease. I'm usually on the go alot, and I'd like to carry a small portion of my anime collection with me. If anyone knows anything about it, it'd be awesome.

I don't really have anything to offer in return other than my gratefulness.
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>/v/ here
Isn't the this reason groups still release in 480?

The thing is that I've already downloaded alot without really having any concern of portable device compatibility. I don't find it efficient redownloading everything.
Neither using google, fuck off /v/ermin.
Why is Dokuro-chan so mean?
Bet it felt good to say that, huh, fellow /a/ goer?
This isn't google or /g/ /v/ermin, fuck off and lurk before posting
>Tons of video converters in repos
>Multiple video editing programs that can import .mkvs out of the box
>All free

>No single solution, people recommend 20 different programs
>Every converter tries to install ad/spyware on your computer
>Half of the converters advertise conversions they won't do

I feel bad for yall, I used to use SUPER too. It was awful.
Why do retards do the hi X here? Do they think it excuses them for not lurking?

Fuck off crossboarder fuck, lurk more.
Vidcoder, check option for burned in subtitles.
you should have made the thread on /g/
>Not using Handbrake
But yes. God damn is SUPER bad.
>spoonfeeding like retards
No womder /a/ has gone to shit this past months

Thank you kindly. I'll take your advice next time I decide to make a thread regarding this topic.

I don't actually browse /a/ or any anime community website precisely because of the expected childish demeanor that's been prevalent in this thread. You sir, are a scholar.

I'll let the thread silently 404 now. I'm sure there are some people here that would like to make use this thread to vent their rage in.

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