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So what's the status of Canaan in terms of the Nasu universe?

I know KnK is in another universe, but the characters still exist in the primary universe.

Is Canaan like that?

Also, why the hell is with Nasu's obsession with Ahoges?
Japanese doesn't have plural you faggot. I bet you say mangas, too.
Canaan is part of the 428: Fūsa Sareta Shibuya de VN, therefore it can't be part of Nasuverse.

Takeuchi is in charge of character designs, not Nasu.
This was the second most disappointing action series next to Jormungand.
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Alphard the best villain who gave zero fucks. The show itself reminded me honestly of a genderbent metal gear solid. Canaan being snake and Alphard being Liquid Ocelot.
Canaan's wizard powers got a little ridiculous though. Also, those english bombers.
I agree the synthesis(?) thing was sorta tact on to explain why Canaan was really skilled. As for the rest of the characters with the powers It's funny because the show starts as supernatural but almost forgets about that aspect until the end with that mute lady.

I don't think it's told in the show, at least not directly, but Alphard also has the same power as Canaan. I was sorta bummed hearing that because I thought she was fighting Canaan at a disadvantage and winning by being simply way more trained.
>Also, why the hell is with Nasu's obsession with Ahoges?

I haven't been to Philadelphia in years, and I've got a terrible craving for ahoge

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