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File: jelly-mugi.jpg (46.56 KB, 600x450)
46.56 KB
46.56 KB JPG
Who is the best Keion, and why is it Mugi?
File: mugi-always-the-best.jpg (424.39 KB, 1209x1700)
424.39 KB
424.39 KB JPG
Was it rape?
File: ms yamanaka.png (917.96 KB, 1270x1105)
917.96 KB
917.96 KB PNG
Sawako is the best K-On. Anybody who tries to claim otherwise is flat out wrong.
Do not want
>You will never learn to play guitar
Some would say you're flat out wrong
File: 1384724742748.jpg (245.58 KB, 1300x557)
245.58 KB
245.58 KB JPG
They're all great potential waifus.
Except Mugi.
>waifu material

the fuck is wrong with you. do you want a retard as a waifu?
Mugi a shit.

Honestly, she was completely useless besides bringing sweets at the club.
Mio is best waifu
File: 1363380587032.jpg (177.90 KB, 800x700)
177.90 KB
177.90 KB JPG
I don't but I'm fine with the people who do.
That's probably the most Slavic comment I've read in years
Because Mugi is an alpha lesbian who's banging the sensei.
File: 595306.jpg (355.69 KB, 1700x2162)
355.69 KB
355.69 KB JPG
Yui > Ui > Azunyan > Mugi > Mio > Ritsu > Gitah > Ton-chan > Sawako > Glassesgirl

Also, season 3 when ;_;?
Yes, because she's literally do whatever I say an never question it, as long as I give her snacks.
If i can get her to love the taste of my cum, I'd be killing 2 birds with one stone.
File: mugi.png (112.36 KB, 341x493)
112.36 KB
112.36 KB PNG
How Mugi learned that girls can love other girls.
File: 1351235010110.png (652.28 KB, 1000x841)
652.28 KB
652.28 KB PNG
Gay keion thread?
File: 1388961135390.gif (726.48 KB, 500x277)
726.48 KB
726.48 KB GIF
Mugi didn't get raped, but I think Mio's parents murder-suicided.
Hi /a/, just started watching k-on! Only up to episode 9 of season 1. Are there any other waifu simulator animes like k-on! ?
They all shit.
>mio x azu
>do u even yui x azu?
Who is the best Mugi, and why is it Keion?
For reference;

I like pretending I'm the MC from school days, I have multiple waifu's, fap to them, even create them for use with oculus rift (I recently brought the latest version). One day I might "accidentally" trip and fall on a knife, then "accidentally" cut off my head afterwards, so I can truly become one with the MC.
Mio and Shino have the same seiyuu
File: 1347752260125.jpg (246.94 KB, 1024x768)
246.94 KB
246.94 KB JPG

But Azusa doesn't even like Yui that much and tries to refuse her attempts at physical affection, the senpai she loves and admires most is Mio.
the redhead
Azu's just tsundere and trying to preserve her heterosexuality. But she'll crack.
>Mio breaks her heart
>She's in a vulnerable state
>Yui gives her the love shes craving
>They have a night of passionate lovemaking
>She slowly falls for Yui
Meanwhile Mio is getting fucked by Ritsu and loving it.

Mugi just watches.
Watch the 2nd half of Soul Eater and self-insert as Crona.
File: 595304.jpg (367.65 KB, 2510x1600)
367.65 KB
367.65 KB JPG
You do understand the concept of tsundere and know that her seiyu voices a fucking lot of them? But yeah, of course you understand, you just like a different couple and that's fine with me.
Ritsu > Mio > Mugi > Yui > Azusa
File: 1342833079735.jpg (356.33 KB, 900x1150)
356.33 KB
356.33 KB JPG

Why can I picture this perfectly.

Mio is in a relationship with Ritsu but gives in to Azusa's cute loli like charms, she decides that she prefers Ritsu and breaks it off.
Azusa is devastated and ends up with Yui on the rebound.
Mugi is fucking Sawako.
Ritsu = Mio ≥ Yui ≥ Mugi > Azusa
File: ui-hirasawa-stare copy.jpg (58.59 KB, 888x1074)
58.59 KB
58.59 KB JPG
>Mio cheating on Ritsu
Can't really see that
Actually I can imagine Sawa x Mio dom/sub and Mugi x Ritsu.
You'll never have a threesome with Mio and Azusa.

Why is reality so cruel?
Mugi likes to watch though. After Ritsu and Mio are exhausted from the intense fucking she gently slides them a piece of cake laced with energy boosters and aphrodisiacs and returns to her chair to watch them go at it again. When she's finally satisfied she returns to take out her built up lust on Sawako who is paid to be Mugi's plaything but she secretly loves the pleasure Mugi gives to her and only accepts the money as an excuse to hide her true feelings.

If Mugi would refuse to pay her then she would still beg to be dominated and loved.
Sawako is paid with cake.
That's a weird way to spell Yui, anon.
File: 1343509854414.jpg (116.89 KB, 600x800)
116.89 KB
116.89 KB JPG

She was seduced by Azusa in a moment of weakness. Mio isn't very assertive and generally goes along with things.
>mfw Ritsu finds out and fucks Azusa with her drumsticks
File: 1377128099893.jpg (52.05 KB, 500x728)
52.05 KB
52.05 KB JPG
There aren't any good doujins with these two.
she's just shy about it.
File: 1351816322369.jpg (545.79 KB, 1550x1179)
545.79 KB
545.79 KB JPG

There's one but it's futa.
What would sex with the keions even be like?

Azusa would switch between dom and sub and would ask if you are even serious about it at certain points.

Mugi would dominate you

Sawako would be wild

Mio would be frigid as hell

Ritsu would fuck YOU
File: YuiAzu.jpg (105.83 KB, 1280x720)
105.83 KB
105.83 KB JPG
After years of uneasiness i finally decided to watch K-On!! Season 2. I finished Season 1 with Ritsu as my favourite followed closely by Yui but so far in Season 2 (Ep 9 at the moment of writing this) it seems i'm getting closer and closer to ride into the crowded Mio-tan bandwagon.

Still like all the cast, they're a fun bunch and Yui keeps delivering. Seeing her making an effort to excel at school and prepare for a talent show was endearing and fun.
File: IMAG1443.jpg (1.40 MB, 1840x3264)
1.40 MB
1.40 MB JPG
God tier.

Also Ritsu a best
File: 595828.jpg (433.26 KB, 1700x2230)
433.26 KB
433.26 KB JPG
I don't like how lewd this thread is.
Make sure to only watch the movie after the ending, seeing as it's the climax (more or less)
File: 1376901061533.jpg (166.69 KB, 500x650)
166.69 KB
166.69 KB JPG
>Ritsu would fuck YOU
My fucking dick.
>Most athletic of the group since she plays drums
>Has extreme endurance
Imagine her handjobs. They could go on forever and she'd never get tired.

Also her wonderful cooking skills where she would cook you a nice breakfast in the morning as you recover.
File: ui-620x.jpg (15.51 KB, 620x352)
15.51 KB
15.51 KB JPG
>not ui
It's such a shame that Ritsu has very little lewd content compared to the other girls.
Ui a great, don't worry about it
But fingers.
>yui first
File: 1389105092786.png (528.15 KB, 618x888)
528.15 KB
528.15 KB PNG
Anime-wise, Azusa's affection for Mio is actually toned down (don't remember many instances outside of a few in season one). Big example of this is when the anime changes the Valentines scene, where Azusa tries to give Mio some chocolates in the manga, to giving it to all the Keions in the anime.

Granted, the same could be said for Yui, as she was the who gave Azusa the guitar pick in the manga. And then there's the ending, where Azusa's plea is directed more towards Yui in the manga, than the anime. However, the anime also added some comical and meaningful interactions between them too.
But she's just a plot device
File: 1362364326854.jpg (26.64 KB, 415x415)
26.64 KB
26.64 KB JPG
The anime toned down Mio's role way too much, in exchange for making Yui and Azusa main characters more often. Fucking Yamada and her retard self-insert.
File: 1377307535661.png (173.08 KB, 1062x551)
173.08 KB
173.08 KB PNG
File: 13777815.jpg (351.16 KB, 1032x765)
351.16 KB
351.16 KB JPG
Best couple
Isn't suppossed Yui is the poster girl of K-on! anyways?

It always gave me that impression. Like Rena in Higurashi, even when she's not important to the plot she appears on all the covers and promotional material anyways.
pretty much
Yeah, but that's bad, since she's the moest character of the show, and when a lot of people hate moe...

Ritsu should have been that character.
>Ritsu should have been the main character
I 100% agree with you. We need more Ritsu in this world.
File: 595598.jpg (352.08 KB, 1200x3751)
352.08 KB
352.08 KB JPG
>and when a lot of people hate moe
Nobody cares about fags.

Also, did the captchas just get updated? Fuck, suddenly I have to type two words. The words also look more shitty, fucking moot again, I hate that goddamn jew.
File: 1389718012299.jpg (150.69 KB, 1045x1071)
150.69 KB
150.69 KB JPG
There is never enough Ritsu

What is up with these fucking captchas? Fucking moot
Apparently it has to do with google changing the captchas or something to do with the cache or something. I got pissed enough by them that I went ahead and bought the 4chan pass when it was $15.

Since I'm on 4chan all the time it's actually pretty good deal since I support the site I enjoy coming on and I don't have to deal with the retarded captchas.
File: 587882.jpg (368.60 KB, 2609x3118)
368.60 KB
368.60 KB JPG
And instead of implementing other captchas he of course counts all the jewbucks he is now making.

Goddamn it. Hate myself for not purchasing it when it was discounted and hate myself even more for actually supporting him. I don't dislike jews, but I dislike the greedy ones. But well, gotta deal with it, moving on. Took me 4 times to post this, oh all that rage.

I wonder what Ui's finger is smelling like there

If I had a picture of a jew on this computer I would post it, that was the most obvious fucking shill I've ever read, and I browse /hfg/ on /g/ daily. If you were attempting to be ironic and I've just missed it with my autism then I apologise.

I also don't get the difficulty people have with captcha. Yes I understand that it's annoying. Is it really that hard though? I very rarely have one that I am unable to solve.
Wait until you get the one's that are literally impossible to do.
File: jewwaztoimprovesales.jpg (12.28 KB, 400x82)
12.28 KB
12.28 KB JPG
Yeah, piece of cake.

Is there any "trick" to this like there was to the old ones? I know it's not case sensitive, but still. And has anyone started on a plan to burn his house down and take control of 4chan?
>Take control of 4chan
While Moot is a jew I think he's done a hell of a job with 4chan overall. The site could have gone a hell of a lot differently if we had someone else running it.
File: 1341348073290.jpg (954.21 KB, 1920x1200)
954.21 KB
954.21 KB JPG

Then I can click the box and get another one.


That's not even hard and they are case sensitive.
But fags run the world, sadly.
File: 1365318764855.gif (617.06 KB, 300x389)
617.06 KB
617.06 KB GIF
She wasn't in the manga. If anything Ritsu was the main character since she said the most and there wasn't any special focus on Yui like this is in the show.
File: k-on7-2.jpg (71.70 KB, 595x339)
71.70 KB
71.70 KB JPG
That fan-club, it must have been hard for Mio to stand all this shit and lewd questions.
File: grady-wilson.jpg (59.08 KB, 604x472)
59.08 KB
59.08 KB JPG
dis nigga
File: image.jpg (3.25 KB, 300x57)
3.25 KB
3.25 KB JPG
Don't like typing captchas Anon? Buy a pass!
File: 595597.jpg (349.31 KB, 1200x3663)
349.31 KB
349.31 KB JPG
Got a point there. If we would've gotten more attention and by that I mean more money and more content from Kyoani I'd be very fine with Ritsu as a poster girl, as long as Yui's screentime won't decrease.
>Israel blurred
OH VEY, /pol/ was right !

The main problem with Yui, is that KyoAni turned her into a complete moeblob, and made her almost the main character. That's why there is THAT MUCH haters with K-On. Moe is a buzzword.
I wish Moogz would've had more screen time. She was the best, after all. Also, that big booty.
File: keionions.jpg (54.50 KB, 720x450)
54.50 KB
54.50 KB JPG
Would you join HTT if they picked you?
Im not in highschool, not a girl, and i've never played any instrument.

Why the hell they would choose me.
They need a token male and they think you're cute.
Maybe one of them has a crush on you and just said you were an exception to the rules
File: 587655.jpg (282.36 KB, 1210x3652)
282.36 KB
282.36 KB JPG
Of course. I can actually play the guitar quite well even, I'd become someone Yui can look up to.

As I said, don't really care about it and was really just speaking hypothetical. People find reasons if they want something to hate, K-on was exactly such a case. Don't think it would be actually more succesfull or anything with changes like that.
File: 1389626546074.gif (871.92 KB, 1260x576)
871.92 KB
871.92 KB GIF
Sign into your Google account goy so we can monitor your posts on 4chan
Only if I could take creative control and/or wear a skirt and pantsu
File: 1389739120570.gif (224.06 KB, 400x240)
224.06 KB
224.06 KB GIF
>The keion might want/need me
That's the best thing i've heard today, and it came from a keion thread

But still, i will NEVER be that pillow, so why contain it, let it spill.
I used to play Violin in highschool so I think I'd be a pretty good addition to the team once I learned how to play again.
>not ritz bits
File: A K-ON.jpg (30.13 KB, 450x340)
30.13 KB
30.13 KB JPG
>mfw I'll never be a K-On!
File: 1330883881431.png (112.15 KB, 341x331)
112.15 KB
112.15 KB PNG
Guys, I have a serious question...
Why is Yui so kawaii?
I need to know it.
File: 1388540807549.jpg (13.96 KB, 256x345)
13.96 KB
13.96 KB JPG
>You will never be a K-On!
File: 1318625573809.jpg (208.12 KB, 818x976)
208.12 KB
208.12 KB JPG
K-On's Magic.
No one can explain it, but that's why we are all here in this thread.

Even if you are a tough motherfucker, that magic goes trough your armor and hit you in the heart.

The only people who hate K-On are people without heart, or soul, or both.
File: 1376955218001.jpg (16.32 KB, 200x195)
16.32 KB
16.32 KB JPG
Scientists were planning to research human behaviour on the aspect of affection. They only got funding from Kyoani though, and so they had to do their research in anime kind of way. They created the cast of K-On and it turned out that Yui was the most popular one.
And I don't care that the characters existed before Kyoani. Kyoani was planning on making a fuckton of money all along and secretly financed the anime. For moe-science.
File: 1352763842983.gif (300.81 KB, 400x230)
300.81 KB
300.81 KB GIF
KyoAni didn't even fund the show. They aren't on the actual production committee, they just got money from TBS and such.
File: 124751521515.jpg (77.40 KB, 459x345)
77.40 KB
77.40 KB JPG
I forgot, I'm drunk. And I even failed on my correction post again. And I typed like 20 captchas, minimum - not kidding -, for that. Fuck this shit, I should think about going to bed.
File: 1377843368314.jpg (106.60 KB, 1920x1080)
106.60 KB
106.60 KB JPG
Oyasumi tripfriend.
Shoulda got a 4chan pass.
File: 41210888.jpg (520.13 KB, 800x1131)
520.13 KB
520.13 KB JPG
All Keions are equally best.

Tsumugi Kotobuki is simply more equallier bestierestiesteriererer.
Why did they never let her sing Honey sweet tea time, in the show? ;_;

File: 1359883811610.jpg (23.22 KB, 369x375)
23.22 KB
23.22 KB JPG
>equallier bestierestiesteriererer
Are you fucking twelve?
I like Mugi, Ritsu and Yui all generally the same. I hate Mio and Azuka though, they suck.
I remember one part where they at least play the piano melody.
File: 1387349465565.jpg (37.06 KB, 467x400)
37.06 KB
37.06 KB JPG
do you have to ask?

I mean the only instruments I play decently are ones they have already so I'd probably be their mixing/production guy, which would kinda kick ass anyway

either way, dream come true
File: 36795185.jpg (482.07 KB, 600x844)
482.07 KB
482.07 KB JPG

I'm way too old for this place but I'm young at heart, anon. Have some more best girl. The softest.
File: kon0618.gif (167.18 KB, 400x520)
167.18 KB
167.18 KB GIF
Moogi a shit

Ritsu a best
File: 1362992536714.jpg (206.19 KB, 892x502)
206.19 KB
206.19 KB JPG
I won't allow any fun or worst girl.
File: 1389753638935.jpg (81.57 KB, 500x820)
81.57 KB
81.57 KB JPG

Admit it: you'd bury your face so deep in this whoever pulled you out would be the next King of England.
Mugi is as kawaii as Yui.
Mugi is as smart as Mio.
Mugi is as funny as Ritsu.

Mugi is the best in everything depending on the situation.

Mugi is more love.
File: 1360955156703.gif (565.60 KB, 436x632)
565.60 KB
565.60 KB GIF
She's the only one I haven't fapped to, so you be the judge.
File: 31761363.jpg (1.59 MB, 1447x2046)
1.59 MB
1.59 MB JPG

>mfw all the voice actors can play their instruments pretty well except Mio's
File: mugi.jpg (11.34 KB, 200x300)
11.34 KB
11.34 KB JPG
That's cuz she's crazy intimidating with her status and money.

The other Keions are just too stubborn to see that she just wants to be like one of the girls.
They forced her to learn it left handed.
>They only like her because she brings sweets all the time
Being Mugi is suffering.
File: kon031.jpg (38.49 KB, 640x400)
38.49 KB
38.49 KB JPG
But maybe deep down, she's just happy to know that her sweets are loved by everyone.

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