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Care to name a few times you've been disappointed by an anime? It can be because of nostalgia goggles or because of hype that fell flat when you actually watched it.

I'm rewatching Cowboy Bebop. Man... this show is so fucking boring. It has flare and action but that is few and far inbetween boring exposition and flatline characters. I'm only halfway through the season, should I even bother finishing or is it taking up precious space for no good reason?

Outlaw Star on the other hand, man, it might be completely stupid, but it sure is a trip. I highly recommend rewatching Outlaw Star.
I feel the opposite.
Rewatching Outlaw Star is pretty painful. It has a few good episodes but overall it's very cringe-inducing and cliched as all hell. Used to love it when I was a kid though.
>Appleseed XIII
That CGI cancer shit animation...

>Berserk movies
DAT HYPE and Studio 4C. Jesus Christ what the fuck happend...

>Knights of Sidonia
That CGI cancer shit anim... WHY JAPAN WHY

>Still no Outlaw Star Blu-ray Box
Fuck this gay Earth.
Kyousougiga TV series.
First several eps were fine but the last 4 were terribly boring. Didn't meet the same standard set by the OVA/ONAs.
People I know hyped up sword art online when it sucked. That was a disappointment.
too many /a/ "classics" to list, but stuff like JoJo's bizarre adventure which was just fucking tripe
Going back a decade, but

>Divergence Eve
Fuck yeah, its Burn Up W in space, its by the same guy! There's gonna be zero g tits and everything! It wasn't even a fanservice show, just a confusing sci fi where they hired an ecchi artist for the character designs for some odd reason The worst thing is there was a short manga where it really was just a fanservice comedy, and it was better for it. Misaki is still my time and space/confusing quantum mechanics goddess waifu, though. Bitch can break reality and thats hardcore.

I downloaded it expecting a Muv-Luv rip off from the description.

Oh how fucking wrong I was.

I still ended up watching both seasons anyway.

At least the OST was good...
I don't feel it's entirely fair to say it was a "disappointment" but Re: Cutey Honey.

First ep was a fucking blast sasuga Imaishi-san, but holy shit ep2 was such a drag in comparison. Ep3 was alright but it never recaptured the sheer energy of ep1. I think it's just that the first ep set up my expectations for the other two and it didn't pan out that way at all.

If you want to take a crash course on what a difference a director can make just watch those OVAs. They're all so different in terms of style, pacing, some of the dialogue, etc. Hell, after watching just the first minute of ep3 I could tell it was Anno.
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This, except the end was actually not bad, if rather inconclusive and rushed. But Koto is olev, and Kyousougiga makes for great wallpapers.
The final ep wasn't "bad" per se, but it was underwhelming and lacked impact. I was a bit annoyed with the deus ex machina they pulled, having Kami-sama come out of nowhere and resolve the conflicts, but the ending was at least happy so there's that.

I was hoping for a more bittersweet reincarnation/reset ending, but oh well.
Ben-to. Second half wasn't as good as the first, which I can tolerate, but they fucking off-screened the fight and cut straight to the good guys' victory after they built up so much hype over the final fight. That was pure bullshit, and managed to piss me off more than Tasogare Otome X Amnesia's ending and the Sabi Hakuhei fight combined. Everything else was fun though, except fucking Ume.

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