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Should I marathon KnK, watch it sparingly, or not watching it at all?

The last mention of KnK I remember is the KnK vs KLK faggottry.
Now that it's over maybe you can be less emotional about it. I just hope it's not actually as shit as shitposter said it's shit.
Marathon it, if you watch one episode per week you'll forget what happend the week before
Go away.
don't forget we are here forever
Watch it if you appreciate great fight scenes. Seriously, KyoAni should drop whatever they're doing right now and go make battle shounen anime instead.
It was alright. It looked nice, had pretty standard story. Quite forgettable despite the 'twist' at the end. KnK was totally average, only just worth watching for the KyoAnus visuals and cute moments.

KLK is a disappointment too. It reminds me of Symphogear S2 in that there's a lot of activity but barely anything is actually happening in terms of plot progression
Oh and you might as well skip the last 10 minutes or so of the final episode, she comes back after all. Not that it isn't totally obvious all along.
>battle shounen anime instead.
FUCK NO! Stick with Fantasy fight scenes or make a new Full Metal Panic.

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