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Start using a tripcode and join us on our IRC channel #madoka @ rizon. If you don't have a IRC client, you can use our web client: https://qchat.rizon.net/?channels=#madoka

Okay here's the official list of the IRC crew:
Leader (Elected by popular vote): culex
Co-leader (Elected by popular vote): tali
Underboss: Nagi
Capo leaders: Benner, Destrado, Abby, Ragnarock, Perma, Mordin, jaka.
Capos: Woxxy, Kanade, dongfix, Lewd, Siveruu, Coal, dino, agri, socks, mic, Chris, yutanpo, JipC, I_AM_ABIB.
Soldiers (New recruits/Ex Capos): Guroshana, Wohlfe, Kronie, /pc/, /tf/, shirt (demoted), Bear, Type R, flapjack (demoted), JamesCID (demoted), W. Pointer (demoted), parasomnia, siztra (demoted), Eru-sama, unit_zero_fun, Illsaka, Too many to name

We're at war with r/a/dio, drawfags, waifufags (#waifuchat in particular), Suigin, /kuku/, Hayate, GetterGuts, Taiga, Smoked Pig, Tokiko, DMG, Junk, kami`, sage aka kuroko_spammer, DEEPFAG FROM THE CAVERNS OF PRETENTIA, and Park Ranger.

We're allied with /neet/, /foolz/, and Commie.

Target shows to troll this season: Kill la Kill, Seitokai Yakuindomo

Other goals: Make kami` lose his mod powers. Make Junk lose his mod powers on foolz. Place Woxxy as admin of 4chan. Make Nagi or Destrado or tali or culex into janitors for /a/.

IRCfags' Anthem: Liar Game 2 OST - Garden of Eden
Nice trolling, shitposter-pretending-to-be-IRC-copypasta-poster-kun.
By the way that is the worst goddamn song I've ever fucking heard. Y U DO THIS
>worst song
I take offense to that. Get some better taste, you J-Pop-singer cum guzzler.
>siztra (demoted)
You had me going there for a second...
/a/ is not your personal army.
not /a/ related
#madoka? what the fuck is this shit

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