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Next time on Survivors:

Asuka and Rei are getting more tense and they are finally about to settle who wins Immunity and a whole day with Shinji.

Meanwhile, Shinji hides in his tent and whines how he can't do anything to help his tribe to win.

At the same time, Mari is still thinking if she even belongs to this setting and what's the whole point of her character. This mental breakdown might be fatal for their tribe and cost next victory.

Stay tuned for the next episode of Survivors.

Would you watch Survivors anime?
Is this the same thing as robinson?
wait... made by kyonai... set in a high school... with a survivor club
Yes but with max-level douchebro Jeff Probst.
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>a group of cute girls in castaway island
>they hate each other
>slowly they need to start trusting each other and start working together to survive
>lez romances start to form
>some of the girls are ready to kill any competion to keep their girl for themselves
Lord of the flies?
Are there really no Survivors style anime?
People would drop the show and shitpost about it everywhere if their favorite girl lost too early
I don't think those kind of stories are too big in Japan.
Well, there's HSOD, but I don't think you're looking for that kind of stuff.
File: 1358311824349.png (243.39 KB, 600x571)
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>immunity challenge
>dissolving slime and tentacles start devouring the girls' clothing

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