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File: img000016.png (280.20 KB, 840x1200)
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I think japanese don't know how armor works.
New 12 Beast chapter is out
What makes you say that?
Arms, legs and head are sufficiently covered, those abs are rockhard and nobody would dare harm those funbags.
10/10 armor
Would come back from any battlefield without a single scratch.
>Female in fur underwear
>Fuck this shit! WTF is this! Inefficient armor Muh, sexualism
>Male in fur underwear
>Badass barbarian

Every single time
>I think japanese don't know how armor works.
>implying 80% of all fanasy related fiction doesn´t do the same

Bikini armor is not something new anon.
I thought this was porn when I first saw images of it. Why bother having 2 different monster girl manga running at the sake time?
Increase monstergirl popularity.
>Japan in charge of high fantasy
File: 1352885008983.jpg (239.92 KB, 1000x753)
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239.92 KB JPG
If you're out of ideas for one series, you can work on the other one.

Plus he can draw new girls without having too large harems. He can split them.
File: jellyfishgirl 1.png (144.83 KB, 307x344)
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144.83 KB PNG
>Why bother having 2 different monster girl manga running at the sake time?

Why not
Goddamn, I want to lick the sweat of her abs and Snoo-Snoo all night long.

>You walk into the smith attached to you home.
>Your minotaur wife is hammering away on a new sword. Order have risen lately as you see the storage filled with armor and weaponry
>With each swing you see her muscles tense and you catch a glimpse of her boobs swinging from side to side.
>The room is filled with the smell of sweat and burning coal.
>She walks over to a big bucket of water and throws the glowing metal inside. Steam starts to rise, covering her body.
>She notices you standing there and walks over to you.
>"Goodmorning honey. Did you sleep well?" she asks as she bents over to meet your face.
>You see beads of sweat trickle down her face, tracing it all the way until it falls to the ground.
>Snapping back to reality, you nod quickly.
>As she stands back up, you see how the colossal woman dwarves your size. Easily being twice the size. Her stature is that of marble. Honed and skilled through the years.
>"Boy, these orders keep on coming. It is non-stop. Is someone starting a war or something?" She sighs to herself while she runs a hand through her long hair revealing her naked armpit.
>Immediately her scent; your wive's scent fills your nostrils, while more beads of sweat trickle down her body. You catch glimpses of drops running down between her voluptuous bosom, over her rock hard abs, vanishing somewhere behind a flimsy fabric into her nether regions.
>She raise her eyebrow as she catches you staring at her body with your own sword trying to poke through your pants.
>"Hmm maybe it is time for me to take a break. Would you like that lover?"
>She pushes you against her, feeling her warmth, as you walk side by side towards some straw. You try your best to stretch your arm around her waist but your reach only goes as far as her buttcheeck.
>She pushes you backwards on the bed of straw. As you lay there, she looks down on you with a mischievous smile.
File: Minotwo.png (663.30 KB, 547x768)
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663.30 KB PNG

it's a manga for fapping

just like To Love RU
>She slowly undresses herself, removing any garment she was warming.
>There she was. In all her glory like the day she was born. Her caramel skin, her strong frame.
>You quickly undid yourself of any cloth you were wearing, much to her delight, as she giggled at your haste.
>Naked, laying before her you, you shiver of excitement, waiting for her approval.
>She licked her lips and came down.
>You stretch out your arms for an embrace. Your skin touches hers.
>She pushes her arms behind your back and starts kissing you, invading your mouth with her tongue without remorse. You can only surrender.
>Her body is heavy. It pushes down on your chest, not leaving a single spot uncovered. Her embrace is strong.
>She continues ravishing your mouth, thoroughly lubricated it with her own saliva. You make little noises of pleasure as you try to move your hands over her back.
>At last she releases you of her sloppy kiss. Saliva is covering your mouth while you gasp for air with your eyes closed.
>She sits straight up on her knees, wiping of her own mouth with her hand, while waiting for your move as you lay there between her legs.
>You take the invite and sit up. You start to kiss her stomach, slowly marking every spot. Even on her knees, you barely manage to latch on to her nipples.
>You work your hands over her breasts. Kneeding them, squeezing them all over. You continue this while licking her caramel skin. It is salty.
>Her smell is intoxicating. It smells of strength. Of protection. Her body is that of a warrior, mapped with scars of battles long gone. Her hands could crush bones, her legs bend steel. In anger she would wipe you out.
>You remember a time long ago. You heard of the warrior that would defeat legions with a single blow of her hammer.This beast went from town to town crushing anyone that she deemed a fighter.
>As a merchant you traveled to one of the outskirt settlements to deliver some goods.

This isn't "Bikini armor". It's just bikini.
Manga would be better if MC wasn't a ninja.
bikini and armor, not an armored bikini

My problem isn't that the armor is not protective, my problem is she's missing her chestplate, as is obvious from watching her armored limbs and helmet.
File: is this nigga serious.png (286.02 KB, 718x720)
286.02 KB
286.02 KB PNG

What's the matter, do they not make boobplate of her size or something?
Now that's one small head.
Female dwarves as eternal loli elves.

I have no objections.
Dwarf dimorphism in anime is a serious problem. I wouldn't mind if they'd say that the loli is a Gnome or a Hobbit, since a loli could be and actual close representation of any of those races, but a dwarf? No fucking way.
it's not really a problem
>It was at that time the "legendary berserker", as she was called, was challenging the guards captain.
>From what you gathered it was a quick and onesided battle. With her brute strength she crushed the captain's guard as a twig and left him for a bloody pulp.
>That night in the tavern you heard a few soldiers talk about the battle. You didn't pay much attention, but was shocked what you heard they did after the fair fight.
>You overheard them talking about their revenge. How they persuaded her into drinking and how they spiced up her drink with poison.
>They talked lavishly how they tortured her, broke her hands, and legs. How they cut up her body and dropped her somewhere in the drylands.
>That night you went to bed with a mixed feeling of disgust.
>As you were traveling back to your town through the dusty lands, you spotted a figure hunched down the road. You knew immediately that it was the warrior of the other day.
>Upon closer inspection you found that your feeling was right.
>You pitied the state that she was in. A gifted fighter, now covered in blood, gasping for air and water unable to move in the desert sun, awaiting the scavenging birds to end her was no way a person of her status should end.
>With ingenuity, you manage to pull her on the kart and quickly administered medicine and covered up her wounds.
>The ride back home was a nightmare of grunts, screams and delirium. How she managed to survive is a mystery until today. The wounds healed, but the scars never vanished. They served as a memory of a past long gone.
>A moan of your wife brought you back. She stares into your eyes as she removes your hand from her scars and covers herself. Was she still embarrassed you thought.
>You grab her hands and put them behind your head, and you make your way to her former wounds that you start to kiss. "I accept you just the way you are" you say.
>An embrace signals you that she has heard you.
Probably has skin as tough as a elephants.
File: Moo.png (355.11 KB, 318x768)
355.11 KB
355.11 KB PNG
Checking out those udders, I doubt it.
>What you didn't notice was the wetness forming on your legs.
>She took the initiative and pushed you back on the straw.
>"I can't wait anymore" she growls.
>Without any hesitation she plunges down on your hard pole.
>You both moan from the ecstasy.
>Her control over her muscles is beyond belief. It feels as if she is sucking you with her mouth.
>She begins to speed up her hip movement. Her boobs jiggling up and down in motion.
>Her voice starts to become lewd, her breathing heavy. She is completely into it.
>"Honey, I can't, I can't hold on" you grunt out.
>"A little bit longer, just a bit longer" she responds.
>In reaction you grab her tits and squeeze down on her nipples, sending electricity down her spine.
>It is enough to send her over the hill. She clenches down hard with a loud moan.
>The pressure is too much and you release inside of her.
>panting and sighing she collapses on top of you, kissing your neck and cheek.
>You lay there with her, surrounded by her smell, both sweating inside the hot damp smith.
>"Thank you honey, I love you" she whispers in your ear.
>the only response you find fitting is a long deep kiss.
>After a while she gets up gently. "Well I think, I need to get back to work. These weapons won't finish themselves".
>You slowly drift away into a slumber, while your wife starts to rhythmely hammer the iron into a form.
>anon 1: Why would they give her such skimpy armor that can only protect such a small portion of her body?
>anon 2: How would I know? Maybe those are the only parts of her that are vulnerable!
>Minotaurs look like actual minotaurs
>Female minotaurs look like human women

I almost prefer furry than that.

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