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I think it was a bit too much
Did he die?
smokers should die
What do you think, does exploding in the driving seat and right after full force hitting a wall kill a person?
For all we know, he's dead as a stick.
>Smoking in a kitchen
>Smoking in a restaurant
What kind of assholes even consider doing this?
I wonder how many viewers in Japan were butthurt at this episode.
Apparently, a lot, since the usual weekly skyrocketing never happened, despite the threads going strong.
>someone doing something I don't like
>better beat him to death or blow the fuck out
Fuck Kate
I think it was done for comedic purposes and is not to be taken seriously but since this is the latest "epic shitstorm" you'll do it regardless.
he died 36 years later from lung cancer, outliving his wife and 2 children who died from a smoke overdose.
Why do americans hate smokers so much ?
>"epic shitstorm"
>an obscure series that's going under radar and noone will remember it come spring
Nice one.
Smells awful
Maybe it's something with me but I can't smell smokes on the street and most cafes/restaurants have smokers zone. I did grew up with smokers around me.
>obscure series
Threads say otherwise but okay.
My condolence.
It is obscure, low sales, low interest, etc.
We will know sales when BR comes out, but right now If we talk about interest, that as we all know is measured for the quantity of art in Pixiv, this series is getting lot of attention.
He deserved it, he was a smoker.
>measured for the quantity of art in Pixiv
No it isn't.
They have great designs - of course artists bite.
But aside from that, the show's interest has died off.
This episode was quite retarded, lets just show each characters story prior joining the organization with something related to them happening at the same time while the heroes of justice are just doing nothing literaly and the entire mob being a cluster fuck. Does the writer has a trauma or something?. I expect something big happens in the next episodes instead of this last episode.
File: u lil bitch.png (16.73 KB, 75x100)
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>this little girl i don't even

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