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My wrist has been hurting lately, I'm looking into getting a mousepad with wrist support like pic related.
File: lancer mousepad.jpg (88.48 KB, 418x488)
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I prefer mousepads like this one. The three bumps are really comfortable for my wrist.
I've never felt my wrists hurting even when using the computer for excessive periods of time (8+ hours). Either my wrists are exceptionally strong (doubtful) or you're just making a cheap excuse to buy some otaku merchandise.
That's gay man
That picture is a waste of oppai mousepad.
It depends on the position, dummyhead.
If your mouse is being on a high enough level for your wrists to seek support from the table, it will hurt soon enough.
So essentially, if your mouse is on the top of the table, not next to your keyboard.
Get a 3M gel wrist rest.

The ones made by 3M are made with leatherette material so no bacteria can get inside and make it smell bad after a few months.

It's worth the money since they last years and still don't smell bad. The regular cheap ones you get elsewhere starts smelling bad after a few months.
Wrist supports are pretty shit from what I heard.
Make sure your arms rest on their elbow and use that as a pivot point. Try not to move your wrist, but your entire forearm.
Your mouse should be positioned slightly elevated from where your elbow is. Just two centimetres higher is enough. Some find that placing the mouse at a slight upwards angle is helpful.
Be sure to rest your hand at the lower end of your palm and not your wrist to avoid unnecessary strain.
Do stretching exercises every day. I do some for my wrists, neck and shoulders every day.
The problem with oppai mousepads is, that actual usage (the way gel mousepads are intended to be used, nothing dirty) is not kind to them.
Sweat from your arm wrists is enough to visibly rub off colour within mere weeks.
Just clean it regularly
kind of this. mine isnt losing color, but its getting pretty badly stained by sweat and stuff. pretty gross if you bother look at it.
Cleaning doesn't do anything.

Colour that is gone doesn't come back with cleaning.
>cleaning mousepads
yeah nah. they soak up liquid like a sponge and then smell awful. if you tried to wash it youd have to throw it out.

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