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For a new viewer: DBZ or DBZ Kai?
Skip both, read the manga.
Do yourself a favor.
Akira's trait is magnificent. His ability to manage pacing and to express dynamism through static panels is outstanding. Unmatched, in my opinion.
All of this is lost in the anime. It just isn't there. Instead you get off model drawings, cheap animation, horrible filler and a sluggish, frustrating pacing.
In this regard, Kai is a little better. But still not nearly as good as the manga.
definitely read the manga. I watched the show as a kid and I liked it a lot. But after recently reading the manga, the pacing of the show just doesn't cut it for me. The manga is probably the best shounen manga ever written whereas the anime is sort of below average.
If you're going watch the anime, watch the english version
I don't know where /a/ stands on this, but imo the japanese version is fucking terrible, Goku sounds like a child, the music is shit, Vegeta sounds gay as fuck, I just liked nothing about it

Dragon Ball = best

Dragon Ball Z and beyond = shonen garbage

stick with the first one, its by far the only decent one
>Skip both, read the manga.
>Do yourself a favor.

Cool bait
read the manga, watch the anime of Dragon Ball

dragon ball Z has a lot of garbage tier animation quality and lots and lots of bad filler

kai is bad
I'm not baiting, I just watched the japanese version for the first time recently for the Bills movie. After that I went back and had a look at some of the scenes from the anime in jap and it sucked. I'm guessing I'm the only one here that thinks this then?
Goku's voice acting is objectively bad
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You know, DBZ has always been a wondrous thing to me. The concept, more than anything, and so I checked out the manga.

I cannot find ANY scans that aren't totally shit that look liked they were done in MS paint. I legitimately cannot read shit shit without getting eye cancer. Are there any actual GOOD scans?
File: Zulu_DB20_14.jpg (329.89 KB, 1743x1404)
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This. You summarized everything I thought.
I think there's a website with good quality english scans for reading online, gotta search this again.
Holy SHIT, what the fuck is this?

No, you aren't.

Thing is, it's NOT bad. It's just a totally different experience. I think Goku sounds fine in all honesty. He'd sound silly if he had some deep, gravelly samurai voice.

This is coming from a guy who grew up with both Funi and Ocean dubs. (Ocean is shit, btw. it's the origin of that OVER 9000 fuckshit faggots don't shut up about).

This was back when Funi actually did decent dubs, like Cowboy Bebop etc. But the problem with funi is it's absolute disregard for minor characters.

Anyone who isn't a main character sounds fucking TERRIBLE. And anytime Goku is serious in the dub I just can't buy it the same way I can in the Nip version.

But the Dub's OST is much darker and grittier, which serves its purpose well in many scenes, but the Jap OST has a certain quality that makes it hard to hate.

Bruce is a great musician, but I feel they made him try too hard for DBZ.

All in all, simply different experiences. I suggest watching both personally.
I guess, I agree with your point about the sub characters but I still think the dub is better. Thanks at least for giving me some insight, maybe I'm wearing nostalgia goggles because I originally watched it in a time where I wasn't watching anime, but I still feel that the dub just sucks you into the fights and gives you a better atmosphere.

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