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Since Fujitaka Kinomoto(Sakura's father) is one half of Clow Reed reincarnation who are half English half Chinese,does that mean Sakura Kinomoto is mix(half Japanese,one quarter English,one quarter Chinese) or still pure Japanese?
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Sakura's Father is full Japanese. He is mearly a 'reincarnation' of Crow Reed. One half of his soul, while Eriol is the other half. You can think of it more like Sakura is Crow Reeds 10th great Granddaughter. But she doesn't share any blood relation. Both her parents are 100% Japanese.
>He is mearly a 'reincarnation' of Crow Reed.
He is? I don't remember this from the anime.
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Its very subdued in the anime. You basically have to read the manga to get that part. In the episode where Sakura goes back to meet Crow Reed, he says to the effect of 'I set events in place to make sure my cards would reach you'. And of course, her father mentioned how he found the book of Crow Reed on one of his archeological trips, but doesn't remember where or how.

Later on, Eriol explains that he is the reincarnation of Crow Reed. And that Sakura's father is also a descendant of Crow Reed. They just never explain how Eriol and Sakura's father are connected in the anime.

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