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What are some anime movies that are better then Redline?
Redline is my favorite, but if I had one that was better I wouldn't tell you.
NEOTOKYO is comparable
Memories is supposed to blow anything out of the water
Ghibli films come close, at least
anything, shit went down hill after the first race.
Bible Black
>I can't appreciate world building and character development
>rec thread
IRC does such a stunningly good faggot impression that I can't tell which is which any more.
Whose your favourite racer? Sweet JP doesn't count, he's everyone’s favourite.
Machine Head is boss as fuck
Okay, dude.
There's this thing called google image search.
It lets you search websites for images.
So you don't have to have the movie on your hard drive and take a screenshot of whatever scene you want.
If you want a picture and you find it, if it's good quality then chances are you'll just save it and not care.
Especially if it's the picture you're looking for with no filters, watermarks or those weird borders sites add.

If he WAS actually a tumblr, he'd be complaining about Sonoshee's tits or something.

Though a thinly veiled rec thread, yeah that's unforgivable where only shit like bondage game should be given as a response.
File: faggot 19.jpg (139.56 KB, 1280x720)
139.56 KB
139.56 KB JPG
>too lazy to take a screenshot
>entire Internet at fingertips
>picks tumblr
Yeah, nah, you're a cunt. OP, too.
probably Gori Rider motherfucker
Only correct answer. Lynchman can run as fast as a fucking race care, what can your favorite racer do?

lynchman got me too excited
It's okay anon

I'm excited too
There are movies and series that have better individual components

Look at >>100939681

But honestly I'm not sure anything can compare to how Redline became better then the sum of its parts

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