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Because their love will rise eternal from 404.

You are now picturing Mako energetically laundering and ironing Gamagoori's HUEG clothes and her tiny ones together.
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I didn't get a chance to post this before the last thread fell off /a/, but here you go. Damn handwritten kanji in Senketsu's last bubble made this take longer than it should have.

Senketsu: Ryuuko, iron me.
SFX: rustle
Ryuuko: Okey-dokey. Hop up here and lay flat.
SFX: pat pat

S: Ryuuko, re-pleat my skirt.
R: Really? Dude, I know you can do it yourself. 'kay then, hold still.
SFX: fold

S: Ryuuko, wash me.
R: It's my turn in the bath right now. And stop biting that laundry

basket or I'm not gonna.
SFX: crunch crunch

S: Ryuuko, put me on.
R: Don't I always? Just let me sleep in a little longer.

S: Ryuuko, let's get married.
R: Okay. That's be fine by m--
SFX: wipe wipe

SFX: flop
R: ...eh?

SFX: boof
S: I must apologize for not waiting until marriage to initiate our physical relationship. However, once we're married, I'll be your husband, so it doesn't matter. So, do I have your consent? You don't even have to iron me next time if so!
R: Ehh-- Wait, wha-- Senketsu, what the hell are you saying...!?
SFX: thud
I'm anticipating all the non-H doujinshi with Mako as an S.
Mako and Ira aren't interested on each other; you people need to take off those shipping goggles.
Converting this into an Akari thread.
Sorry, I meant this one.
I would rather watch an invisible girl in a wonderful scenery than ship these two. These hetshits need to fuck off to RandomCock and Tumblrshit.
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You are a top rated whore, random translator slut. I would give you worthless internet points if those mattered anything and you could pay for your many addictions and STD treatments with them.

I'm not going to ask you to translate the next page but I'm going to include it here just so the set isn't broken if somebody wants to save them.
Oh come on, we need more AKarin! Go back to RandomC and Tumblr, stupid shippers!
Can't we have a Kyouko thread instead?
Don't you assholes have a Sakura Trick thread to circlejerk in or something?

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