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An honest question for my bros out in /a/ land. How many of you joined in to the music world b/c of chinese cartoons?

I have some background in it (piano, alto sax), but a recent re-watch of pic-related brought me to something definite (piano classes w/my university). And honestly, Aria had me on the brink w/both piano OSTs. But shit, when I revisited this series I felt I had no excuse anymore. Music is fun!

Thoughts, additions, complaints? (Though I hope all of you experience pressing down the keys on a piano in a significant way some day... shit's life changing)
You type like a faggot, lurk more.
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Anime got me to Samurai Champloo, that got me to Nujabes, that got me to underground Hip-Hop, that got me to Bop Alloy and Midicronica/Shinsight Trio.
Apparently I type like a faggot. Well /a/, just spreading the love of music. You know you can be a part of that shit too. I just wanted to discuss it.
We don't care, fuck off crossboarder
Nujabes had some great shit that will always be remembered... ahh shit, you're making me look up this right now... One rapper in particular always fucking held shit down. He had some great instrumental stuff thought too. The fireworks song off the top of my head
After hanabi. Which is based on a Dinah Washington jazz classic "Willow Weep For Me".
Do try the other bands too, they really could use more world recognition, and the truth is, they all love anime and have done one or two OST works for some.
I meant to open this thread w/shit like Beethoven, but I won't complain w/Nujabes... Best vocal song...

And 'After Hanabi' like I said... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EsSOv7Skl-0

You motherfuckers out there playing shit like this? Because you should probably at least be posting to /a/ about it....
I will check them out. Like jazz now and again for sure too!
Jojo helped me branch out into western music and lurk /mu/ where I found legitimate jap music and other shit I actually really liked
Have some new Nujabes-style:

If you want to have instrumental only you can also check: Blazo, Kondor (Has a Clannad Remix that is pretty damn good) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1jjiwOt04hE , Esbe or DJ Okawari.
Damn... no one plays an instrument around here?

Also fuck you faggot >>100944863, chances are very likely I'm your dai-sempai of many years

Just trying to be a nice sempai
I wrote off Midicronica back in the day w/Samurai Champloo b/c I never heard them doing anything beyond that, 1st link is decent.
2nd link is pretty cool w/the mixing
alright... one shot at what I was talking about.. and I was kind of a faggot retorting here >>100946297... but anyway, I just want /a/ to know. You can indeed play this shit on a piano, and it really does feel amazing.... Actually I give up, they're all good. Youtube: "Aria Stagione". If you haven't seen the series... I kind of want to say 'fuck you'. But just look up the piano music and fall in love. Or have shit taste. Good night

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