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Hey /a/,
I'm curious to what anime you grew up with as a child. Maybe get some nostalgia feels running.

A few I can name at the moment:
>pic related
>Mahoujin Guru Guru
>Ai to Yuuki no Pig Girl Tonde Buurin

Mostly what my brother had on VHS

>They Were 11
>A Wind Named Amnesia
>Project A-Ko

Eventually one of my friends would get some movies occasionally.

>Tenchi Muyo first movie (before the anime aired)
>Armitage III
>Perfect Blue (we watched this after being up super late and man what a mindfuck)

Those are all I can remember

Go back to your fucking board, probably /co/
File: Samurai Deeper Kyo.jpg (170.42 KB, 1024x768)
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My brother owned a DVD collection of pic related and I'd watch it with him.
He also had Zone of the Enders, but that's /m/
Dragonball Z.
Outlaw Star, especially the racing episode.
Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Back then, then shows were MENs' anime (and we used proper punctuation to compensate for uncorrect pronoun-ciatioo
n). What are you people? 18? Pfft. Too young to even know about the DBZ tournament arc engraved in yiur very memories!
Mon Colle Knights
Fighting Foodons

The earliest I can remember.
File: 1313558375480.jpg (11.32 KB, 250x267)
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11.32 KB JPG

Fuck off from my /a/, corssboarder
Fuck off and take this crossboarders fucks with you.
Seems like the xenophobia of japan has really rubbed off on this board
It has, fuck off.

What happened to lurking?
You basically just exposed yourself.
If you havent realized this then how new are you to this board?
Come the fuck on, man.

Couldn't you have just said "nostalgia thread"? "Nostalgic feelings"? Did you have to speak in memes? Lurk more.
OP here
Okay, I admit I am a crossboarder, newfag to /a/ and I didn't lurk here enough. I was just feeling nostalgic today. Kill me for that.

I am done with this cancerous board. Please sage this thread. I didn't ask for this to be bumped with so many mean comments.
I understand what I posted was wrong and I shall go back deep into the depths of lurking.
If you understand what you posted was wrong then why are we the cancerous ones?
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>wake up
>alarm hasn't gone off
>almost there
>alarm plays
>Rock song
>Rocks are stones
>stone was an age in history
>Cavemen were in the stone age
>remember this
>Scream HOOM DAGGA HEY DAGGA as I finish

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