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Sup /a/. Read any good oneshots lately? Who's your favorite author?

I just read through Sister Generator, by Samura Hiroaki (Blade of the Immortal) (as well as his other oneshots). The art is great, but I felt that his stories were mostly okay with a few meh ones.
File: 001.png (280.01 KB, 839x1200)
280.01 KB
280.01 KB PNG
In the meantime, I'll dump a few oneshots, starting with Tsutsu-Izutsu.
File: 002.png (233.74 KB, 839x1200)
233.74 KB
233.74 KB PNG
File: 003.png (303.98 KB, 839x1200)
303.98 KB
303.98 KB PNG
File: 004.png (257.71 KB, 839x1200)
257.71 KB
257.71 KB PNG
File: 005.png (295.36 KB, 839x1200)
295.36 KB
295.36 KB PNG
File: 006.png (365.33 KB, 839x1200)
365.33 KB
365.33 KB PNG
File: 007.png (259.44 KB, 744x1100)
259.44 KB
259.44 KB PNG
File: 001.png (269.81 KB, 855x1200)
269.81 KB
269.81 KB PNG
New Century Godslayer
>The art is great, but I felt that his stories were mostly okay with a few meh ones.
Yeah I have to agree. I liked Brigit's Supper though.

Finished Manga of the Dead recently. Goddamn, Samura's illustration.

Favourite oneshot authors? Otomo maybe. Tatsumi, Tsuge? Loads frankly.
File: 002.png (265.50 KB, 855x1200)
265.50 KB
265.50 KB PNG
File: 003.png (256.48 KB, 855x1200)
256.48 KB
256.48 KB PNG
Quite the amusing take on the traditional folktale.
Do proceed with the dumping, I'm interested.
File: 004.png (271.50 KB, 855x1200)
271.50 KB
271.50 KB PNG

I'm not entirely sure what happened in Brigit, so I might have to reread it.

I'm going on a oneshot binge, but I haven't really found a list of recommended oneshots. I went through Hox's translated stuff, I read and loved Dowman Sayman's stuff, and now I have MU open in another tab filtered to just oneshots. I'll also check MangaTraders' section.
File: 005.png (336.50 KB, 855x1200)
336.50 KB
336.50 KB PNG
File: 006.png (373.53 KB, 855x1200)
373.53 KB
373.53 KB PNG
File: img000001.jpg (357.30 KB, 1130x1600)
357.30 KB
357.30 KB JPG
I'll dump a douman one if you don't mind.
File: img000002.jpg (304.80 KB, 1133x1600)
304.80 KB
304.80 KB JPG
File: 001.png (269.73 KB, 840x1200)
269.73 KB
269.73 KB PNG

Got for it.
File: img000003.jpg (304.29 KB, 1133x1600)
304.29 KB
304.29 KB JPG
File: 002.png (263.97 KB, 840x1200)
263.97 KB
263.97 KB PNG
A recent oneshot I read was about an ugly girl who got plastic surgery when she grew up and becomes a massive bitch to everyone especially guys who like her for her looks. It was great.
File: img000004.jpg (370.50 KB, 1130x1600)
370.50 KB
370.50 KB JPG
File: 003.png (259.81 KB, 840x1200)
259.81 KB
259.81 KB PNG
Hox has one. Kotonoha has a bunch, which are bizarre, terrible and good sometimes. Komi Naoshi had a few nice ones. Mr Bojangles is a personal favourite.

I love short story or oneshot collections so much. Coffee Time, Kuuki no Soko, The Crater, Fuusuke, Revolutionist in the Afternoon, NASA, Ranman, Heaven's Door, Undecided, Obrigado, Taiyou no Ijiwaru, Endo Hiroki's one.
File: img000005.jpg (293.46 KB, 1128x1600)
293.46 KB
293.46 KB JPG
File: 004.png (285.77 KB, 840x1200)
285.77 KB
285.77 KB PNG
File: img000006.jpg (608.24 KB, 1131x1600)
608.24 KB
608.24 KB JPG
File: 005.png (314.41 KB, 840x1200)
314.41 KB
314.41 KB PNG
File: 28.png (1.12 MB, 1100x1600)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB PNG
this one is not a one shot but It's by hiroaki samura.
File: 006.png (282.02 KB, 840x1200)
282.02 KB
282.02 KB PNG
File: img000007.jpg (339.55 KB, 1119x1600)
339.55 KB
339.55 KB JPG
Fuck this ending makes me cringe every time.
Just sort by oneshots on AB and you'll have plenty.
AB is the leading place for oneshots. Links died everywhere else. Or at least it was. I doubt anyone is going to bother like they used to anymore with the new yen rate.

I forgot about AB, thanks.
File: 01.jpg (205.45 KB, 823x1200)
205.45 KB
205.45 KB JPG

Also, yes, Samura and Matsumoto Jiro were the only reasons I even looked at that anthology.

Shintaro Kago - Drafting A Water Goddess

I really should organize my list of favorite mangaka. So many of the ones that I like have produced plenty of short stories.
File: 02-03.jpg (995.67 KB, 1629x1200)
995.67 KB
995.67 KB JPG
File: 04.jpg (342.41 KB, 823x1200)
342.41 KB
342.41 KB JPG
File: 05.jpg (364.97 KB, 823x1200)
364.97 KB
364.97 KB JPG
I'd link my previous posts so that you can easily hide them and sort this thread, but I'm using ST4 Image Dumper, and I don't see that option anywhere. Does 4chan X come with that option? Is there a third, better program for dumping?
File: 06.jpg (329.08 KB, 823x1200)
329.08 KB
329.08 KB JPG
File: 07.jpg (387.65 KB, 823x1200)
387.65 KB
387.65 KB JPG
I liked Dowman's stuff because I think that he's really good at packing a story into so few pages. His stuff reminds me of Hoshi Shin'ichi, a Japanese short-story author.

Coincidentally, Dowman did a piece in a Hoshi Shin'ichi tribute anthology.
File: 08.jpg (351.95 KB, 823x1200)
351.95 KB
351.95 KB JPG
The tribute anthology is great. Dumped the first volume a little while back. Too bad we only have 2/4 of the volumes translated + Douman's.
File: 09.jpg (356.90 KB, 823x1200)
356.90 KB
356.90 KB JPG
>favorite oneshot artist

Ito counts, right?

I read Thirteen by Sorachi Hideaki a while ago. It is fucking amazing. Literally the best love story ever told.

File: 10.jpg (369.62 KB, 823x1200)
369.62 KB
369.62 KB JPG

It seems to be ongoing, as well? That's really a shame. I'm considering commissioning more chapters.
File: 11.jpg (419.99 KB, 823x1200)
419.99 KB
419.99 KB JPG
File: 12.jpg (427.16 KB, 823x1200)
427.16 KB
427.16 KB JPG
There are only 10 people on /a/ who even read manga


bring it down to 5 being generous
File: 13.jpg (414.73 KB, 823x1200)
414.73 KB
414.73 KB JPG
File: 14.jpg (393.36 KB, 823x1200)
393.36 KB
393.36 KB JPG
File: 15.jpg (402.05 KB, 823x1200)
402.05 KB
402.05 KB JPG
I wish Batoto had an option to filter oneshots. A lot of stuff is anonymously psoted there, so it doesn't show up on MangaUpdates.

On that note, they don't allow comic anthologies (tribute pieces by various artists for a series, such as Akagi) if they don't have at least one chapter translated. It makes me wonder how many anthologies were rejected, and will never be picked up because they aren't showing up on their database.
File: 16.jpg (425.47 KB, 823x1200)
425.47 KB
425.47 KB JPG

>On that note, MU doesn't allow*

Gonna pause for a bit. If anyone else wants to dump something, they can.
Oshimi Shuzo did one as well as a few others that were notable but I can't remember.

Loop's another favourite oneshot of mine.
I think it's much more than that. But most readers are victims of popularity, so end up reading only stuff that gets recommended to them.
It's really hard to find good one-shots by yourself
Lots of people read manga. Although how much of it is questionable. A poll, although probably pretty biased, said 20% were mangafags. 50% read as much as they watched anime or more.

>Oshimi Shuzo

I've only read Devil's Ecstasy. Flowers of Evil is backlogged.
Matsumoto Jiro, Ito, Kago Shintaro, and Douman are my go-to short-story artists.

>remembering that there's a lot of Dowman and Kago that isn't translated

I actually really hate Aku no Hana frankly. They're not much of a remarkable author to me, although they're pretty well known here.
I'm glad that someone went out and bought the missing Nickelodeon chapters.
You should upload some yourself then, keep it going.

It seems that a few have been uploaded in the past few days
File: Nickelodeon [Green] 016.jpg (328.55 KB, 1095x1600)
328.55 KB
328.55 KB JPG
Dumping a Nick chapter that I like.


Same here.
File: Nickelodeon [Green] 017.jpg (425.12 KB, 1095x1600)
425.12 KB
425.12 KB JPG
File: Nickelodeon [Green] 018.jpg (456.59 KB, 1095x1600)
456.59 KB
456.59 KB JPG
File: Nickelodeon [Green] 019.jpg (399.95 KB, 1095x1600)
399.95 KB
399.95 KB JPG
I can't tell if Douman is genius or just too risky.
File: Nickelodeon [Green] 020.jpg (549.05 KB, 1095x1600)
549.05 KB
549.05 KB JPG
File: Nickelodeon [Green] 021.jpg (387.20 KB, 1095x1600)
387.20 KB
387.20 KB JPG
File: Nickelodeon [Green] 022.jpg (305.32 KB, 1095x1600)
305.32 KB
305.32 KB JPG
File: Nickelodeon [Green] 023.jpg (402.67 KB, 1095x1600)
402.67 KB
402.67 KB JPG
Do any of you buy anthologies?

I have a few myself, but too scared to scan them.
File: Nickelodeon [Green] 024.jpg (101.91 KB, 1095x1600)
101.91 KB
101.91 KB JPG
>Samura Hiroaki

Good choice.

An anthology that I'm about to scan (because Dowman Sayman) has a illustration of Haruhi as the inside cover liner.


I can take a picture if anyone wants to see it.
This thread made me wonder how much of the /a/ userbase even reads non-h doujins.
Risky? In what way?

I'd probably only use the term for authors published in Garo, Ax or other similar magazines. Has Douman been published in anything like that? Seriously, who else would've published the untainted glory known as Palepoli?
File: 1175358872359.jpg (232.93 KB, 819x1175)
232.93 KB
232.93 KB JPG
Shintaro Kago - Everything's Peaceful.

Was the entire anthology where "Supergirl Begins" translated? Someone said DesuDesu translated it, but I don't see that anywhere.
File: 1175358889134.jpg (287.64 KB, 827x1200)
287.64 KB
287.64 KB JPG
I do, and yeah, it kind of hurts to debind and scan it. But want to... translate some stories... so much...
File: 1175358911688.jpg (288.79 KB, 827x1200)
288.79 KB
288.79 KB JPG

How much of Garo and AX have been scanned? AX is apparently on volume 75 or something. I wonder how many shorts are in there, waiting to be found?
File: 1175358942501.jpg (366.21 KB, 827x1200)
366.21 KB
366.21 KB JPG

Hello, Hox. What stories will you grace us with in the future? I hope there's more Morohoshi.
File: 1175358966350.jpg (370.55 KB, 827x1200)
370.55 KB
370.55 KB JPG
Not much. Some guy did some scans of like 60-80s Garo. Not terribly great ones, but the only ever.

Apart from that, frankly zilch. Probably the occasional oneshot. Read v1 of Ax licensed. That was interesting. Supposedly there's a v2, but it's been backburnered or something.
File: 1175359009089.jpg (366.67 KB, 827x1200)
366.67 KB
366.67 KB JPG
I think Furuya Usamaru's really good when it comes to oneshots or just short 1-volume works in general. His longer stuff aren't quite as successful, though I haven't really followed Teiichi no Kuni at all. Plastic Girl was brilliant, though you can hardly call that a oneshot nor even a manga.
File: 1175359030754.jpg (366.55 KB, 827x1200)
366.55 KB
366.55 KB JPG
What'd you think of Music of Marie? It's a favourite of mine.
File: 1175359067940.jpg (383.05 KB, 827x1200)
383.05 KB
383.05 KB JPG
Excellent, though I'm not sure if the story really needed that twist ending.
File: 1175359126046.jpg (400.99 KB, 827x1200)
400.99 KB
400.99 KB JPG
It's funny cause I accidentally got spoiled for it beforehand on /a/. It was, partially accurate, but it made me look a bit more closely at some the foreshadowing.
File: 1175359150040.jpg (387.41 KB, 827x1200)
387.41 KB
387.41 KB JPG
File: 1175359184909.jpg (385.79 KB, 827x1200)
385.79 KB
385.79 KB JPG
File: 1175359210488.jpg (360.18 KB, 827x1200)
360.18 KB
360.18 KB JPG
>hurts to debind and scan it
I'd be willing to take photos of mine so others could read it, but I'm not debinding a hardcover for instance. I think all my soft-cover anthologies have been scanlated.

Thanks for your sacrifice and all your work
File: 1175359228885.jpg (323.69 KB, 827x1200)
323.69 KB
323.69 KB JPG
File: 1175359257157.jpg (349.51 KB, 827x1200)
349.51 KB
349.51 KB JPG
File: 1175359280942.jpg (422.68 KB, 827x1200)
422.68 KB
422.68 KB JPG
File: 1175359326009.jpg (353.35 KB, 827x1200)
353.35 KB
353.35 KB JPG
Goddamn, we still need Halcyon Lunch.

>1 chapter translated

Damn, I agree.
File: 001.jpg (201.96 KB, 807x1200)
201.96 KB
201.96 KB JPG
Shintaro Kago - The Big Funeral
File: 002.jpg (381.07 KB, 821x1200)
381.07 KB
381.07 KB JPG
File: 003.jpg (353.23 KB, 821x1200)
353.23 KB
353.23 KB JPG
File: 004.jpg (370.98 KB, 821x1200)
370.98 KB
370.98 KB JPG
File: 005.jpg (326.69 KB, 821x1200)
326.69 KB
326.69 KB JPG
File: 006.jpg (286.07 KB, 821x1200)
286.07 KB
286.07 KB JPG
File: 007.jpg (344.28 KB, 821x1200)
344.28 KB
344.28 KB JPG
File: 008.jpg (304.22 KB, 821x1200)
304.22 KB
304.22 KB JPG
File: 009.jpg (285.14 KB, 817x1200)
285.14 KB
285.14 KB JPG
File: 010.jpg (362.99 KB, 817x1200)
362.99 KB
362.99 KB JPG
File: 011.jpg (397.06 KB, 817x1200)
397.06 KB
397.06 KB JPG
File: 012.jpg (427.50 KB, 817x1200)
427.50 KB
427.50 KB JPG
File: 013.jpg (388.16 KB, 817x1200)
388.16 KB
388.16 KB JPG
File: 014.jpg (407.36 KB, 817x1200)
407.36 KB
407.36 KB JPG
File: 015.jpg (416.25 KB, 817x1200)
416.25 KB
416.25 KB JPG
File: 016.jpg (359 KB, 817x1200)
359 KB
359 KB JPG
File: 017.jpg (322.56 KB, 817x1200)
322.56 KB
322.56 KB JPG
File: 018.jpg (402.35 KB, 817x1200)
402.35 KB
402.35 KB JPG
Hanashippanashi is my favorite short story and oneshot compilation manga, so poignant and beautiful. Would highly recommend to anyone that likes a blend of the surreal mixed with every day life (without being a strict comedy ala Nichijou).
I'd post a sample but I don't want to get in the way of your dump.
File: 019.jpg (696 KB, 817x1200)
696 KB
696 KB JPG
File: 020.jpg (428.91 KB, 817x1200)
428.91 KB
428.91 KB JPG
File: 021.jpg (443.73 KB, 817x1200)
443.73 KB
443.73 KB JPG
File: 022.jpg (550.47 KB, 817x1200)
550.47 KB
550.47 KB JPG

Feel free to post anything you want. I'm just dumping to pass the time in this thread.
File: 023.jpg (444.13 KB, 817x1200)
444.13 KB
444.13 KB JPG
File: 024.jpg (569.06 KB, 817x1200)
569.06 KB
569.06 KB JPG
Summertime by Ooshima Yumiko is probably my favorite one shot of all time. I can't explain why exactly it speaks to me so much, but it does. I've dumped it on /a/ a few times but I don't have it right now.
Please do look it up, it's a small story but it's really great..
Matsumoto Taiyo did some good oneshots.
File: 01.jpg (511.85 KB, 1095x1600)
511.85 KB
511.85 KB JPG
The aforementioned Hoshi Shin'ichi short, by Dowman Sayman.
File: 02.jpg (596.80 KB, 1095x1600)
596.80 KB
596.80 KB JPG
Will do.

Hagio Moto does some pretty good short stories. I loved Iguana Girl and Hanshin.
File: 03.jpg (513.75 KB, 1095x1600)
513.75 KB
513.75 KB JPG
File: 04.jpg (578.25 KB, 1095x1600)
578.25 KB
578.25 KB JPG
File: 05.jpg (577.13 KB, 1095x1600)
577.13 KB
577.13 KB JPG
Iguana Girl is great too, I think her works are overlooked for the most part because of the character gender and shoujo style. Still fantastic storytelling and art in my opinion.
Most anons seem to find The Willow Tree to be the most palatable of hers, which is a nice story to be sure, but one of the less memorable in my opinion.
File: 06.jpg (404.42 KB, 1095x1600)
404.42 KB
404.42 KB JPG
File: 07.jpg (408.12 KB, 1095x1600)
408.12 KB
408.12 KB JPG
File: 08.jpg (462.14 KB, 1095x1600)
462.14 KB
462.14 KB JPG
File: 09.jpg (387.67 KB, 1095x1600)
387.67 KB
387.67 KB JPG
File: 10.jpg (496.71 KB, 1095x1600)
496.71 KB
496.71 KB JPG
File: 11.jpg (573.36 KB, 1095x1600)
573.36 KB
573.36 KB JPG
File: 12.jpg (529.54 KB, 1095x1600)
529.54 KB
529.54 KB JPG
File: 13.jpg (414.75 KB, 1095x1600)
414.75 KB
414.75 KB JPG
File: 14.jpg (360.53 KB, 1095x1600)
360.53 KB
360.53 KB JPG
I like The Willow Tree, but yeah, I have to agree with you.
File: 15.jpg (425.01 KB, 1095x1600)
425.01 KB
425.01 KB JPG
File: 16.jpg (441.62 KB, 1095x1600)
441.62 KB
441.62 KB JPG
File: 001.png (268.51 KB, 954x1400)
268.51 KB
268.51 KB PNG
A Happy Birthday from Paradise
File: 002.png (335.44 KB, 954x1400)
335.44 KB
335.44 KB PNG
File: 003.png (324.87 KB, 954x1400)
324.87 KB
324.87 KB PNG
File: 004.png (270.17 KB, 954x1400)
270.17 KB
270.17 KB PNG
File: 005.png (334.57 KB, 954x1400)
334.57 KB
334.57 KB PNG
File: 006.png (347.68 KB, 954x1400)
347.68 KB
347.68 KB PNG
File: 007.png (259.44 KB, 744x1100)
259.44 KB
259.44 KB PNG
I like accent colour oneshots

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