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Did the wild ride finally end?
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>The spear is called Poseidon
Goddammit, Suu, really?
Did you really have to bring in something from Seven Ocean?
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Shamefur dispray
link please
>Not bookmarking a chink site for scans
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>Create a new species for shits and giggles
>End up envying at what they have
The angels are a sad existence.
I can't believe it got a "happy" end (even if it's was actually a fake world or something).
Nah, Sugata rewrote the program for the stone pillar, allowing Tomoki to overwrite the last wish, so what he did was to return everything back to what it was before the reset.
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>Daedalus still riding on that
I guess sitting on your ass for years is pretty bad, even for an angel.
Fucking muscle atrophy.
Isn't Nymph dead?
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Oregano pls
File: ????_77?_?37?.jpg (865.35 KB, 850x1288)
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>This hand of mine glows with an awesome power!
File: ????_77?_?41?.jpg (1.03 MB, 1310x961)
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>It's loud roar tells me to defeat you!
File: ????_77?_?42?.jpg (1.01 MB, 1326x949)
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>Take this, my love! My anger! And all off my sorrow!
No, according t anon there's a sidestory coming next month.
Remember when SnO was a wacky comedy?
A happy ending? In my MINAZUKI Suu manga? WHAT THE FUCK

A little bit off topic, does a girl win or the end, or does Tomo remain with a harem?
Harem end, he just got Daedalus.
Daedalus get?
That's pretty cool.
I can't wait for the last chapter and the happiness of seeing Nymph alive.
I'm so happy I almost want to use an emoticon, but I won't, because emoticons are for faggots.
With SnO ended, hope that means Gou Dere stops being bi-monthly and goes to becoming a monthly instead which means 12 chapters a year instead of only 6 chapters.

Anyone else agree?
I dont even remember the last time I read a new chapter of Gou Dere

I really hope this happens
The Japanese RAW were out for a while now.
Fuck yes, Chaos finally being happy.
I think I pretty much dropped it after shit went down in SnO, but not like a new chapter has came out translated since September. I really think the only reason SnO ended so well is because it was his most popular series, and I think Gou-Dere has a high chance of ending poorly.
Oh shit, is Chaos a part of his harem in the end?
Aye, pretty much everyone except the harpies is part of his harem now.
Oh god. Where'd the harpies go?
They still dead? ;_;
They're with Synasp Master, stopping him from going after Tomoki again and trying to make him happy.
The only Angeloids I don't see back are the Mermaid that got eaten by Chaos and the army of dark Ikaros.
Damn, I don't know. It sorta makes me think that the harpies still prefer dat fag, but I guess they're protecting Tomo.
Who cares about the evil angeloids though.
>The Melans will never get their own personalities
Oh man. I want to see Ikaros Melan troll the others by disguising herself as Ikaros again.
So, Sohara was Daedulus all along? And this is why Daedulus is part of his harem now? This correct?
Forgot image.
Would be kinda nice if we get some more comedic chapter before it just end. Oh well, hundread pages chapter is good enough I suppose.
Aye, Child Sohara was Daedulus, when child Sohara died Daedulus see how depress Tomoki was and create another Sohara. One with bigger breasts according to Tomoki's preference.
And now his harem have two Soharas.
Yeah, so what'd he do? like reset the world or something?
That even loli-er Chaos was pretty cute, especially how she hugged up to him at the end.
He reloaded a save file.
That's the easiest I can explain it.
Sort of, I don't really understand if he resetted the world or recreate it based on his memory or not, my moon is not good enough to get everything yet.
I'm betting on recreating the world, because there was a moment when he was talking to Daedalus about the world and he started thinking about creating an erotic world.
>how she hugged up to him at the end.
That was absolutely adorable, my heart almost burst from that.
So I guess to get to the end then he just followed the natural flow of events without wishing for the world reset and somehow got Nymph and the the other angeloids back? do they still have memories? I guess I could assume so if they remain in his "Harem".
I was really hoping for something actually romantic like to happen with all the girls. The only things that really happened was he grabbed Daedelus's boob and hugged loli-chaos
His wish was "Stop yelling like that everytime, I'm tired of that already. All I want is a peaceful and normal life. Return everything back to normal".
Yes, everyone have their memories. Chaos asking Tomoki why and Tomoki welcoming her home, ending with a "I see... so this is love".
Oh, I see. How nice.
I could read an entire spinoff about the after story of this, especially if loli-chaos was the star.
Chaos was just too cute, especially with the words you're saying she said.
I'll translate the Chaos sequence for you.
>I... did one bad thing after the other...
>I was a bad girl...
>So why?
>Welcome home
>..... I see
Thanks Stalker, you're the best.
>So this is... love, right...?
>Well... this is good, isn't it
File: Untitled.jpg (150.39 KB, 800x396)
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150.39 KB JPG
Chaos was so cute during the whole thing, it's a shame that the manga ended just as she join the harem.
Well, I mean realistically, she was pretty much in the harem already. This is just the first time we get to see her "Get some lovin" so to speak.
Like I said, I would read a 50+ chapter spinoff with just Chaos as the main heroine if I had to choice, she's super cute.
It's a tough contest between her and Nymph for best girl in my opinion, but I like them all, which is why the "Harem end" was real nice.
File: 29518096.jpg (111.10 KB, 822x765)
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111.10 KB JPG
>50+ chapters of Chaos running around being cute with her sisters and Tomoki, with the occasional popping up in Synasp to scare the shit out of the sky master and his harem
10/10, where do I deposit my money.
>where do I deposit my tears.

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