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Daily reminder Madoka belongs to Homu
You got that mixed up OP. Let me help you out.
Madoka's her own person, she doesn't belong to anybody.
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How bad would a date with Homura go?
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Daily reminder that Homura rewrote Madoka's memories to prevent her from dominating her.
It's not going to last for long.
I dunno anon, in 'Oriko Magica' Madoka behaved like one of those submissive wives who let their husbands rule their life.

>"Homura why are you just saving me? Everyone is dying!"
>"Shut up, don't ever tell me not to save you!"
>"I'm sorry Homura, please let's just run away together!"

That was probably the most cringe worthy thing of Oriko pt 2. Not even because of lesbian shit, just seeing Madoka so weak willed in that scene. After that she seemed to revert to normal when she meets up with Sayaka and Hitomi, wanting to go help Homura and all that.
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That made sense to me, at least. It's different from other timelines in that Homura was successful in preventing Madoka from making contact with, befriending, and empathizing with other meguca. Normally she sees the entire system and is shocked by it, but in the case of Oriko, Homura is able to nurture a Madoka who is largely unaware of the aggregate suffering of magical girls, and only sees Homura's suffering.

Homura tells her she can't save everyone, but at least she could save Madoka, so don't despair so much.

Then she proceeds to leave Madoka as she wants to try and save everyone else, and then Madoka dies.

Madoka actually convinced her to do what she wanted, not sure how that represents a weak will.

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