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awesome picture, shitty video.

I won't sage for Giovanni. Let's just pretend this isn't a Makoto thread and let Gio reign.
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How are you gentlemen?

Gentlemen, I like Pokémon.
Gentlemen, I like Pokémon.

Gentlemen, I love Pokémon.

I like Turtwig.
I like Mudkips.
I like aggresive Pokémon.
I like defensive Pokémon.

In fields, on bicycle roads, in caves, on tundra, in desert, on sea, in sky, in mud, in abandoned power plants.

I like single battles, I like earning money. I like withdrawing, I like changing up. I like running away from wild Pokémon too strong for my newbies. I love every aspect of Pokémon.
We used all the strength in our bodies to clench our fists. But for us, who have waited in the depths of this darkness for half a century, a mere Pokémon match is not enough!

It must be a great Pokémon battle!!

A wholehearted great Pokémon battle!!

We are nothing more than a thousand remaining trainers of a battalion, but I believe you are all veterans, each worth a thousand trainers.

In that case, including me, we are a million and one strong.

Let us drive away those that have forgotten us, let us play the Pokéflute for those who have fallen in their sleep.

Let us pull them up by their hair and pry their eyes open and make them remember.
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Look At These Fucking Pokemon
Fucking pink, blue/green Gastrodon.
Are those fucking gym leaders ruining your shit? Yeah I bet they are.
Goddamn, sea slugs.
You can put them in your pokeballs.
They have like, a thousand HP, fuck.
It's fucking water and ground, electricity can't do shit.
That gun is odd. Why isn't the muzzle flash coming out of the barrel? Can I get a /k/omrade to clear this up?
>Can I get a /k/ommando to clear this up?


Some weird O/U pistol design? More likely the artist didn't have the slightest inkling of how a firearm actually functions, and just tried to wing it.
>>Can I get a /k/iller to clear this up?

final fix

Who do you think we are? Special forces, in an armored car?

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