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Which kind of subs does /a/ prefer?

A. Akagi says blue, but the subs read green because green means Go to westerners.

B. The subs read blue, and there is a translation note at the top explaining that blue means Go in Japan.

C. The subs read blue and there is no translation note.
>but the subs read green because green means Go to westerners.
On a traffic light.
You're retarded. They're the same fucking color in Japanese. Aoi means either blue or green depending on whether you're talking about something that is either blue or green.
Then why do they have 緑?
>replying to troll
>Akagi says blue
No, Akagi says 青.

Whatever you try to translate 青 as ends up being an imperfect translation of a word with history and connotation.

But the purpose of a translation isn't to be literal, but to impart meaning. So you should translate it as "green," because "blue" makes no sense in this context to the viewer, who is an English-speaking westerner.

Viewers who care about the context will learn that 青 can mean either blue or green; that アヲ was one of the four basic colors of old Japanese when 緑 didn't exist; that Japanese streetlights are actually bluer than those in other parts in the world.

but I come to watch muh cartoons, not to be fed trivia and japanese lessons

A is the correct answer
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Can't argue against that shit.
I didn't know that. Thank you for the history lesson.

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