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In the tomboy threads on /a/, we've determined a few different types of tomboys, but the type of tomboy that appeals to me is this type: On the exterior, they are rough, boyish, manly, possibly stand-offish or unsociable. Regardless, though, they appear, on the outside, to be very "dominant", and not very "submissive" at all. However, as any connoisseur of tomboys knows, this is a cover. For some reason or another - Be it embarassment, lack of self-confidence, or any other myraid of reasons - tomboys put on that harsh exterior. This is not to say that it is not a true part of their personality, but it is not the whole of it, either. Concealed beneath that same harsh exterior is the girly side of them - Cute, soft-hearted, deeply affectionate. The draw of tomboys, for me, at least, is not entirely the hard outer shell, but due in large part instead to the soft, creamy interior, like a chocolate cherry. You know that they will only show that affectionate side to you, in moments of intimacy. It is like your own personal treasure, to love and to cherish, that no-one else is allowed to see. It is definitely selfish, I will admit, but there is nothing better in love, in my opinion, than knowing a side of a person that nobody else knows about. And, with tomboys, while everybody else sees them as rough, boyish, manly, stand-offish or unsociable, the part that is only revealed to you through your mutual love is the ute, soft-hearted, and deeply affectionate part of them.


Mio sure looks weird in that picture.
Tomboys are shit
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What a great thread this could be
Tomboys sure are cute
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Best tomboy.
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Good call, OP
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pseudo tomboy
/a/ is not for image dumps

And no, "discussing tomboys" is not /a/ related, I could just as easily start a chair thread because animes have chairs.

Best girl.
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Mods have already said these threads are fine. Your arguments are moot.

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