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What are you watching? Those of you who use the 3 episode system, what's good?, what fucking sucks/got dropped?, and what are you surprised or disappointed by this season so far?
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Chuu2 Ren started off kinda bad but it has picked up a lot so after 3 eps I'll keep going.

Stand out winner this season is Noragami. Gorgeous visuals, interesting cast and premise. It's starting slow but I can tell it's building up to something.

Tonari no Seki-kun has best ED of the season.
Gunpla Build Fighters is top runner.
>not Gundam Milf Fighters
>what fucking sucks/got dropped?
Kill la Kill.
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What's the matter, 2swag4u?


Nisekoi (some potential got wasted, but still good)
ImoCho (simply because it's hilarious)
Flamenco (really want to drop it but I just cant)
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Why is Hiyori so perfect?
Wizard Barristers
It seems to me that they are trying to be too many things at the same time

Magical Ace Attorney Gundam if you will
Tonari seki-kun
space dandy
samurai flamenco
sekai seifuku
witch craft works
>haven't quite decided on
sakura trick
sekai seifuku
wake up girls
>probably going to drop
buddy complex
super sonico
Not including carryovers from last season,

Surprisingly Great: Sekai Seifuku
Great: Robot Girls Z, Seki-kun
Great, but disappointing so far: Space Dandy
Okay: Wizard Barristers, Onee-chan ga Kita
So bad it's fun: Nobunagun
Dropped: Hamatora, Hoozuki, Mikakunin, Nisekoi, Nobunaga the Fool, Noragami, No-Rin, JC Staff Works, Wake Up Wugs
>Will watch until the end tier
Tonari no Seki-kun
Sakura Trick
Onee-chan ga Kita

>Watching for now tier
Wake Up, Girls!
Mikakunin de Shinkoukei
Kill la Kill

>May drop tier
Witch Craft Works

>Will drop next episode if this shit continues tier
Golden Time

>Dropped tier

>Didn't bother because of shit source material tier
All I can think of is high quality NTR while watching this.
File: 1389722909294.png (38 KB, 206x279)
38 KB
>dropping Noragami
>not dropping Wizard Barristers or Space Dandy

Oh wow.
File: 1389311094204.png (150.66 KB, 444x328)
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150.66 KB PNG
Continued From Fall:
Kill La Kill
Nagi No Asakura - This show really hit it's stride, probably my favorite show airing right now.

Picked Up:
Buddy Complex - Nothing too great yet.
Chuunibyou - It is what it is.
Nisekoi - Enjoying despite the cliches. Simple but well done.
Sakura Trick - I'm having trouble continuing to watch it.
Sonico - I want 30 minutes of my week back.
Pupa - I don't need to say anything on this
Onee Chan Ga Kita - 3 minutes of pure fun.
Space Dandy - Far exceeding what I expected. Best thing I picked up this season.
I can't get into it, it feels too generic, like I've already watched this damn anime 50 times.
kill you'reself
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>God tier
Gundam Build Fighters
>Good tier
Log Horizon
Kill la Kill
Sakura Trick
Wizard Barristers
>Okay tier
Space Dandy
Strike the Lewd
Chuu2 Ren
Buddy Complex
>About to drop tier
>Don't know why I'm still watching tier
Samurai Flamenco
>Just watched the first episode and liked tier
Mikakunin de Shinkoukei
>Dropped tier
Superman Dumbledore
File: 1389720222979.gif (887.41 KB, 640x360)
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who doesn't want an anime about a narcoleptic teen catgirl?
>Nisekoi (some potential got wasted, but still good)
There were never any potential. Development prectically doesn't exist in this manga, and anime is probably only one cour.
It's confirmed to be 2 cour.
Except it's not. Only 11 episodes is confirmed so far.
File: 1383971790151.png (116.94 KB, 276x276)
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116.94 KB PNG
- Watching KLK for fun and Trigger being Trigger.
- Space Dandy for fun and animation.
- Maken-ki for PLOT.
- ImoCho for lewds.
- Sekai Seifuku... I need to watch the 2nd episode to be sure what I'm watching it for exactly.

Ah, well I haven't read the manga. That's too bad.
I liked the art and premise, but they're strongly hitting many shitty anime tropes and goofing off a tad too much.

Fucking nippon.
The manga starts off like the show. It seems like there might be some character and plot progression and stuff.

Nowadays, as in the last 6 months at least, probably, I just appreciate it for the cute and sometimes funny comic that it is. There is some sort of character development, but it's mostly just very small steps towards the same direction without any resolution in sight.

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