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Anime is called Magical Fucking Warfare. You would think it's about a bunch of motherfucking magcians going all out fighting each other with magic and shit.

So where are the fucking battles? Why do I have to deal with this shit? It's Kampfer crap all over again. If they wanted to have anime about awkward love triangle, why not just make one without fucking magic? Why deceive people who actually want to watch magical war?

Yes, I mad.

>Magical Warfare
>not about magicians at war
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>implying that any show with a Nice Guy beta MC and several sexy girls around him will have a plot or actual action instead of otaku pandering shit and escapism
This show is becoming so bad bad bad.
It's harder to make plot for a love triangle without fantasy. In here the MC can just save the girl from getting killed and they will lust for him, pretty simple.
It's kind of rare to have a show where MC's girlfriend is not the female protagonist.
MC will summon his inner sleeping power and save everybody with the mythic weapon he got for free.
Both bitchies look like female protagonists to me. Also, she is a fake girlfriend.
I'm going to need the name of that artist
For now.
Protagonist seems to love her.
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Play the fucking VN.

wrong board buddy. >>>/v/
i thought VN's were at >>>/jp/
I thought they went to >>>/vg/
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That list fails to list Battle Moon Wars in the games section.

Super fun.
The author himself thinks it's shit and only wrote it because he was instructed to
Why are you watching something the author thinks is trash

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