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Hello there,

I know that this board may be inappropriate and/or not suitable for such thing but we have no other choice.

First of all sorry for my english, it`s not my native language.

In the picture you can see our son at school, he has down syndrome (that`s pretty clear i think).

He is a really good boy, he`s studying hard and want to become an I.T. specialist we want him to fulfill his dreams but for now it`s impossible.

It is a really tough time for us and we still need approximately 60,000$ to get him surgery for his brain tumor which is a serious danger for him.

He is seriously ill right now, it`s our only child and we cannot afford the operation because of such shitty country in which we live. The politics are bunch of greedy swines not even mentioning healthcare.

Friend of ours told us that it would be safer to use something else than our bank account number, something more global and less limited than PayPal, we want to go with him to some doctor abroad, maybe even skip the taxes but we want him to be alive hes our only luck and curse at once.

He loves animals, we even have few cats, little schnauzer, fishes...

Thanks to our friends who helped us with this action, donators and all the good people in the world!

So you can donate to this kinda funny and sometimes over-the-top dog with DogeCoin(?).

DGnnZez1523vvopE5 pS9S9p3B2Xz7xVMfi

And for the more serious people we have Bitcoin wallet for your donations.

1NiTvmv5oBGsN5Tja SLCAffyd8Jy2XuyUW

Thank you again and if possible spread this message to your friends!

We probably won`t reply here, we`re busy posting this everywhere but if you have any questions which could help anyone, feel free to ask!
>implying we give a shit about your retarded kid

Kill yourself.
File: KagaminSweat.jpg (131.78 KB, 407x419)
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Nigga what the fuck are you even saying?
Probably a real thing someone posted and OP found funny, i'm guessing /b/

Don`t insult please, i`m writing here since only you guys/girls (?) replied, it`s not supposed to be funny! It`s real!
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Ok then guys.

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