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>wanting a waifu like Rei or Chi

I'm sorry that you'd settle for anything less than perfection.
>Not an outrageous sex-seeking skank
>Thoughtful and genuine
>Submissive and quiet
>Doesn't mind if you don't like to go out
>Not bitchy and abusive
>Not an insecure empty doll husk like a certain firecrotched soulless ginger.

Not mai waifu, but good waifu material.
>fucking a mannequin
this is a perfect example of rei fags

Chi can go fuck herself, but Rei, hell yeah.
>person with no emotion
Wow, get shut down real hard by 3D in your past life?
Rei is a good choice. Not only does she have the looks, but her personality is gold.

You can call her cold and dismissive, but for me at least she's a clincher. Smart, thoughtful, and self-sacrificing, she's someone who's worth your time and more.

I think she just exudes trust this girl, like you can count on Rei to get things done no matter how hard they are.

Never seen any girl more devoted and in-tune with her own existence, and she's got the broken-bird charms too.

Think of a ideal stoic male, except she's a girl. That's waifu-material. A greek ideal without the knowledge of social virtues in life, but those virtues does not come without experience!

Plus throw in her godlike alien nature, and you've got yourself a rare catch.

Chie, I don't know at all.
>but her personality is gold
What personality? Pls be copypasta.
Submissive, meek and quiet. Just want the autist wants
Her personality, you know. Long cold stares, her indifference towards everything that doesn't matter, her preference for short but concise wordings, and her nature of protecting what she holds dear.

I like Rei's approach to life, it's despairing but self-sacrificing, and I value that a lot.
Sounds like you want a dutch wife/muslim fucktoy. Boring as duck.
Not at all, just a person I consider to be good, on the outside and inside. Rei is like that.

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