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Why is it that in anime that certain hair colors and hairstyle combos almost always result in a very specific character archetype?

For example:
>Blonde hair in general is a foreigner
>Blonde-haired Drills = Ojou-sama / Proud
>The sharper a guys hair, the more edgy / emotional he is
>Guys who wear glasses almost exclusively are taller, have dark blue hair and are the "intelligent one" of the group
>Girls with red hair often wear it short and are tomboys

Are there other common character design types? I never understood why some of these recur so much.
>>Blonde hair in general is a foreigner
Are you fucking retarded?
Japan is lazy.
>I never understood why some of these recur so much.

Because that's the way things are in real life.
Yet nobody questions green, blue, purple, etc?
Japan is lazy. And not very creative.
Wrong. The mohawk guy from Nichijou was not a punk. Also sharp hair has always been cool. Its called hair gel. If you wear glasses its because you read books moron. Red hair and short hair? Nigger what are you watching I need to see.
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Odds are that they want to tell the audience about the character in a very quick, non-verbal way. So you use whatever visual things you can that will be understood (consciously or not) by the audience. This is by no means limited to anime.
>Girls with red hair often wear it short and are tomboys.
No, red haired girls have long hair and are tsunderes.
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