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Has anyone who can read Jap read the LoGH novels?

They any better/worse than the adaptions?

I own the 4th novel but it has a different cover to the one you posted. I can't read Jap though. I just got it because I like LOGH.

Anyone know exactly which edition I got?

Bought it for $1 at Book-Off.
If Kircheis was so good with a gun why didn't he just grab a pistol from someone and shoot the man who wanted to set Rhinehard on fire instead of jumping in its direction?
I thought none of them were allowed guns in front of Reinhard?
He was killed by the guys laser ring after he disarmed him anyway.

Seems stupid, why didn't Rhinehard just exclude Kircheis from that rule then?
He did exclude him from it.

Oberstein told Reinhard that he shouldn't pick favorites or the other admirals will get angry so Kiricheis wasn't allowed to bring his gun anymore.
Didn't you watch the series?

I have it's just been a while since i've seen it.


NOW I remember.
The first novel is basically a space geography lesson.

They're pretty good, but I liked the anime better.
I'm using these as my motivation to learn Nip

Though with the rumored kanji level of this I'm wondering if I'll ever make it.
I'm still at yotsubato fucks me up level, how many is the kanji count for this monster?
File: armor save 6+.jpg (58.45 KB, 640x480)
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58.45 KB JPG
I don't think the books would be better than the anime. Unless we have a case of Hackson, but I have a hard time believeing that.
Maybe the novel's approach to pic related is different though, that armor in the OP pic looks nothing like anything seen in the OVAs.
I apologize for talking a bit out of my ass since I don't have figures to quote.

I've approached a few translators with the query as to why no one is working on this and have always received the answer that it is a nightmare to translate based on not only the level of language used and the vast variety of kanji and how the writing plays with the multiple readings of the kanji used.

Basically a Grade S nightmare.

If you're still around could you post a few pictures of some pages? Any ones with some meaty looking text just so we can gauge the kanji level a little.

The novels might serve to provide a deeper understanding of certain things, also some scenes might have been changed in adaptation.

Quite a bit of material is usually cut out in adaptations, even the most faithful ones. So if I really like a series, I'll always go read the books too.
I wish we had some comparison document, certainly it exists in Japanese.
File: Snapshot_20140126.jpg (36.08 KB, 640x480)
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36.08 KB JPG

Sure, here's a nice illustration from the inside of the front jacket.

I do apologize for the quality of the camera though.
Just how many times has this series been printed?
Yours is the ninety seven year printing and looks like there was another ten year later?
>97+ printings

I think anon meant the 1997 reprint.
If this page is correct, Anon has the second edition.


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