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Christmas Eve

The last day of the 2nd school term.
Ike Hayato was making a certain decision.
That he had to act to put a conclusion to his feelings, even though he knows that Kazumi likes Yuuji.
That evening, to put a conclusion to her own feelings as well, Kazumi meets up with Shana, who had the same feelings.
It's scary, but they will have Yuuji choose one of them.
On the other side, Satou Keisaku had finished choosing and come to a conclusion.
In regards to Margery's answer to his question in the middle of fighting Sabrac, it turned into a resolute purpose, he decides to borrow his father's power that he had never wanted to borrow no matter what, and declares to Margery, "I want to work at Outlaw."
Yuuji's will was strengthened as well.
His father, Kantarou, who had come home urgently declares good news.
This truth pushes him onwards.
"I want to protect this world."
Stop trying to be Nasu.
"No! I must kill the Guze no Tomogara" Yuuji shouted
The Reiji Maigo said "No, Yuuji. You are the Guze no Tomogara"
And then Yuuji was the Snake of the Festival.

I'm going to shit bricks when that happens.

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