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Oh god, I just imagined a Japanese man, sitting in his cell.. just an hour left to live. Suddenly the warden opens the door.. the prisoner looks up, he dares to hope! Maybe something happened? New evidence proving he was telling the truth!? Proof that it wasn't him that killed that woman!? The warden is holding something. A box? Maybe from his family. A gift. It has to be. At least they care. He can go to his grave knowing that much at least.

"Enjoy your last meal." The warden crows at him, as the prisoner looks down. Last meal? A bento. He hasn't had a bento in five years now.. he hesitates. Savoring the moment. The prisoner undoes the string holding the box closed. Closing his eyes, he inhales, taking in the sweet scent of his last meal. Sighing, he reflects on how much he's changed.. and how well he can appreciate such a simple thing as a boxed lunch now.

The prisoner opens his eyes, looking down hungrily and expectantly at his final supper..

"Fuck you, warden. Fuck. You."
That thing is horrifying.

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