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File: kiss.jpg (23.83 KB, 704x400)
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Is this the only kiss made by Kyoani?
the Shinka/Dekomori doesn't counts and you know it.
File: kyon_snicker.jpg (24.78 KB, 400x400)
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I wonder why they hate kisses so much, they even cut them from clannad and they were a married couple, it made no sense.

It weakens the appeal to lonely people.
File: 1363962159215.jpg (389.37 KB, 2464x1648)
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Now I remember Makoto.
Yeah, but Clannad's VN had them, even a CG where you saw Nagisa and Tomoya kissing properly.
Kissing is too lewd for Yamada. If you draw a kiss scene and show it to her, she'll be ruined for marriage.
Clannad's VN had nothing to do with KyoAni
This thread isn't really going anywhere and with the amount of retards and shitposting starting a thread about it will probably get shitposted to hell and back.

I just downloaded the OP and listened to this, and holy shit why wasn't this used as a battle song in the anime? They integrated the OP and ED really well, I would have loved this during one of the last fight scenes before the drama kicked it all the way up.

To contribute to this thread, this wasn't a kiss, but it was the best almost kiss I've seen.
File: 1385877887020.jpg (299.57 KB, 720x960)
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I think he has a daughter
Might help if I actually posted the song.
My God I'm retarded today.

File: take my hand.gif (2.71 MB, 500x281)
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2.71 MB GIF
Isn't that the song for hte preview? Most battles were too emotional for an upbeat action song like that, but it would have worked well while Akkey and Mirai plowed through the waves of KnK enemies before the part where they held hands and closed their eyes.
File: 1390696755999.jpg (41.81 KB, 167x226)
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Oh God
>Listen to second song on OP or ED album
>Song not used in the anime blows you away

Fucking love that. Te wo Furu Kimi to Maichiru Sakura from Crime Edge and Diamond High from FMA did this. Great songs.
>Te wo Furu Kimi to Maichiru Sakura
I-it's beautiful!
W-what? Tell me it's shopped.
Wake me up.
To the sunshine.
It's not check out the carton of juice near her chin, no distortions
What is Haruhi?
That sounds like something that could have been used in Gai Rei Zero
It sounds like something Kyoani should have put in a fight scene.

Although I can't complain too much, I loved all the fight scenes towards the end.

Actually I loved all the scenes outside of the ending that kind of fell flat.

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