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File: comboburst-2.png (250.98 KB, 584x564)
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Which Anime gave you a new way of thinking?
I have never learned anything worthwile from anime. I watch it for entertainment and not because I expect actual intellect.
paranoia agent
There is no single one 'life-changing' anime. One emotional or thought-provoking one might help you question your life for a few days, but you're really more the sum of all the anime you've watched, rather than that particular one.
I like your thinking. So we are a collection of our media collection.
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I watched clannad over the course of 2 weeks. Fucking destroyed me. It didn't help that I was home from college during summer break and effectively NEET, so I had nothing to do but think about clannad.

>still listen to the OST all the time
No. Not at all. We're the aggregate of countless factors, of which media forms only a tiny piece. The collective material we view may influence us on a whole, but by no means are we made of what we consume.
>but by no means are we made of what we consume.
except when we eat
Food isn't media.
I only watch anime and manga I think will change my life, or comedies.
For the record, game-changers for me include Eva, Welcome to the NHK, Madoka and the Watamote manga.
I am the epitome of 2deep4u.
High School of the dead
Now I can fap to hentai
I'm a literal NEET, and I was more moved when I watched Steins;Gate and Madoka. Still good though. Maybe I should have spread out the last 7 episodes over a few days, since I watched them all at once.
File: 1369254221755.gif (1.52 MB, 320x180)
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1.52 MB GIF
I thought Madoka had a better story (and I dropped Steins;Gate - inb4 go back to Naruto) but as far as life changing and emotional destruction, Clannad got me pretty good. It does seem like the kinda thing that is personalized though, I know more people who had a "bout time" reaction to the parts of Clannad that made me cry like a bitch.

>Tomoya made me want to be a better, more selfless person
>Now I'm a fagget
Evangelion: became an animefag
Azumanga Daioh: became a moefag
Haibane Renmei: became a hipster
Madoka Magica: became a shipfag
I think that every Anime/Manga as well as your whole environment (real life) will change you and your personality even a bit. Everything you do and comprehend, everything you feel or what you will learn will let you start to think about things differently. Always changing and with every new impact you will see another possibility. Negative and positive influences, hell who cares. Everything can be a lesson, especially on the hard way. I'm one of the guys that watched Animes as a child because I was always alone at home, so they educated me somehow or were "there for me" or distracted me from reality, from loneliness whatever. At that time even comedy Animes gave me an impact for my life because I used my time to laugh instead of being negative or crying in the corner.
never seen it but watched the opening, it was...bizarre?
Clannad got me good, cryevertim etc but when they showed how shit was just in his mind and everything was OK I didn't know whether to be happy about the end or angry at these fucks for betraying my tears.
Get a feeling so complicated
Welcome to theNHK kind of put me in a better mood, every time. I don't know why. Not neet only a bit awkward socially speaking.
It wasn't in his mind. The point of Kotomi's parents research in the show and some discussions they had was to convey to the audience the concept of a mutliverse, and the intro scenes with the junk construct and the red-headed girl in the Illusion world was a seperate parallel universe in which Tomoya and his daughter were both manifested. The universe in which Nagisa and Ushio died was real, but from all the kindness and selfless acts Tomoya did (and this is kinda a cop out) the towns magic was able to transfer Tomoya's conscious to a different Tomoya in a parallel universe in the same town, one in which Nagisa and Ushio were both healthy.

TLDR; the show wasn't saying it was imaginary, it was just butchering quantum mechanics
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130.51 KB PNG
You moved to Venice to row gondolas?
File: numberphile.png (129.34 KB, 223x267)
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129.34 KB PNG
Bakuman made me want to practice art.

It also helped me realize I'm shit at art and to stick to what I'm good at.
File: 1382152183905.jpg (57.60 KB, 227x272)
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57.60 KB JPG
Hidamari Sketch inspired me to become an alcoholic.
Clannad wasn't life changing for me and it didn't make me cry but during the one or two weeks i was watching it I felt so strange. Like I had some new found confidence and self acceptance and during that whole week I felt so at peace and every interaction i had with people was extremely successful and gratifying. It was weird and it's never happened to me since.
Crime and Punishment taught me a lot when I was young
>Learning things from chinese cartoons
Chinese Cartoons That made who am.
>Digimon was like 7 fuck you
> Fooly Cooly

>Cowboy Beepboop

>Full Metal Alchemist


>Dragon Ball
This thread kind of makes it seem like anime only has a bad impact on your life.

Probably because it does.
Naruto, back in the day.
Bakemonogatari reminded me that everything you love in life will be taken away from you.
File: iPhoneUpload55.jpg (101.56 KB, 700x1000)
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101.56 KB JPG
Texhnolyze, Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu, Aria and Legend Of The Galactic Heroes.
Also, G-Senjou no Maou even if it's a VN.
Ichigo Mashimaro.
File: 560937.jpg (109 KB, 1280x720)
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109 KB JPG
for me it was a VN
after playing it, i wanted to have more friends.
tried to socialise instead of waiting for people to do the first step .
the first person i socialized with(with the idea of making friends to add at my colllection) was a girl who sat close to me at the university, she was somewhat cute and having a friend from the othe sex wasn't something i would do spontaneously.
we became friends but she changed her field of study after th first month, we still talk when we meet but it's not like when we were in the same class.
after that i had more confidence and made more friend, all it takes is to give my neme, remeber theire name and that's it, when i attend class and sit close to someone interesting i just find a way to adress him/her, for example:
>can you explain me this equation of Maxwell?
>oh you do this, that ... and you find the result
>thank you, oh by the way my name is anon
>ah, my name is ....
>nice to meat you
the next time i come across them i say hi and i tchat with them if possible.

the problem is that most people are quite booring, i can't even find someone like pic related ;_;
chinese cartoons made my standarts damn too high
>I was home from college during summer break
>effectively NEET

do you know what NEET means?
DBZ not even fucking joking.

It molded a fucking generation.
File: black lagoon.jpg (118.27 KB, 1920x1080)
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118.27 KB JPG
Black lagoon. It made me realize just how ugly this world can be. And the worst part is it can even be worse.
File: resent.jpg (707.87 KB, 1170x1110)
707.87 KB
707.87 KB JPG
Ghost in the shell, texholyze, monster, boogiepop phantom.

>I will never see a second season of boogiepop phantom nor a translation for the manga.
Star Driver.
yeah, and it was 3 months of NEET. No job, no classes, no training of any kind. Just sitting on my ass all day in my mom's basement. So yeah, effectively NEET
Same here, OP. Clannad definitely was the most life changing and best Chinese cartoon I have watched.
But you are still pursing your education which makes you not a NEET.

If you were just sitting at home with no intention to get a job or to go/finish college, then you would be a NEET.

With your definition, everyone becomes a NEET on their days off of school/work; which destroys the definition of what a NEET is. Thats like saying I become a NEET at 6pm when I get off work, to 10am when I go back to work.
>3 months
sorry to have offended true NEETS everywhere
Angel Beats = Live a full life with no regrets
Ano Hana = If you put your mind into something, you can accomplish it/People can settle their differences no matter how different they are from each other

See the trend? Life is short to have regrets. I'd rather live it to the fullest than be a ghost full of regrets.
When I was a retarded teenager I walked away from Tri-gun thinking humans never had the right to kill other humans. Then I realized that if someone murdered my loved ones I would want them to die painfully.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised that a fucking alien plant doesn't know shit about shit.
Seeing as how worthless NEETs are, you didn't offend them at all. You just made yourself look retarded is all.
Aria and Monogatari.
Honneamise no Tsubasa
YKK (manga, of course)
Oreimo led me back into anime.

Madoka Magica made me reconsider any contracts and to look for yuri symbolism in everything

YnS showed me that in every relationship, someone gets hurt

Black lagoon showed me that there doesnt need to be a righteous figure in a story

Pretty Cure taught me that most magical girl anime is shit

Bakemonogatari showed me that weird is pretty badass

Kill la kill showed me that I need to stop using 4chan for anime recommendations

boku no pico reaffirms this statement
>Angel Beats = Live a full life with no regrets
He literally lost everything that ever had meaning to him. Every time he got the chance to stand back up on his feet, he immediately got pushed back down. He couldn't save his sister and his love will never blossom anymore.

>Ano Hana = If you put your mind into something, you can accomplish it/People can settle their differences no matter how different they are from each other
He lost his love twice, even after he got back on his feet.

>See the trend?
Life is a sack of unlucky shit. Every bit of goodness that you chance upon is bound to disappear, leaving deep scars that will haunt you for the rest of your life. You will remember the good bits, but along with it, you will also remember how you lost it; leaving a very bitter taste in your mouth as you live the rest of your miserable life never amounting a fraction of the tiny bit of happiness you experienced during those times.

That is what I got out of those.
File: 1388701391009.jpg (11.39 KB, 279x298)
11.39 KB
11.39 KB JPG
Eva. Not even baiting. EoE specifically had quite an impact on me. Pun fully intended.
File: 1325064480970.jpg (42.64 KB, 300x339)
42.64 KB
42.64 KB JPG
Key The Metal Idol. I watched it on VHS when I was very young. It molded the way I think indirectly. It made me realize that a purely conceptual state does not exist without being processed. Applicably, if we ignore any problems without tangibility then they effectively do not exist. e.g. emotional issues.

This was a huge discovery at a young age for me. Unfortunately, it also made me spend a very long time neglecting my own emotions and so I grew up into a rei clone.

I wanted to be a robot and succeeded. Good job, me.

>My face when I mistakenly believe that I can maintain a relationship with a woman
>She asks me a simple question about myself, such as something I prefer in a set of equivalents
>I sincerely cannot think of an answer
>Sorry, lady, the human part of me checked out when I was, like, 6. I thought we could just agree to love each other because I hear there's mutual benefit in that which could have utility.
>No woman wants to sign a love contract with me
I've seen probably 500+ series now and they hardly affect me emotionally.

5cm/s was the one that practically put me into a coma for two weeks. It's hard to describe the reasons, but at heart I guess I'm a romantic. Although I've never loved nor lost, I still hold onto the hope that if you find the person you're meant to be with it's happily ever after.

The story forced me to re-evaluate that in a hard way because I easily understood the MC. Although the movie uses a pretty bland reasoning, it could just as easily happen through other external factors. Crime, family, accidents, misunderstandings.

I still think love is worth it, but the goddamn suffering is brutal.
Kaiki's talk to Sengoku was probably not a life-changer but more of an eye-opener. It reminded me to just go out and do whatever the fuck I want and not be so worried about things of the past

I too believe in the me that believes in me now
Yep, EoE got me interested in film which caused me to take a class on it in high school which caused me to now be here in college studying it.
Boku no Pico, It took a genre I never thought I'd enjoy and moved me in places I didn't think it could influence.

Nice rec thread, so I put a little more effort into it.
File: 1320917215822.jpg (100.83 KB, 786x432)
100.83 KB
100.83 KB JPG
Ah, yes. I know that line of thought.
If you can't prove something you can't check, it becomes impossible to distinguish a lie from the truth. The ends are the ends, but the means can be anything.
I started lying so viciously and straightforwardly that I couldn't tell the truth from the lies at one point. On one hand I'm great at story telling, but on the other hand I can only hold shallow, meaningless relationships.
Thanks, Umineko.
Boku no Pico introduced me to a whole new line of thought. That OVA series brought me to a new culture, and I learned to appreciate a culture and way of life that I had once scorned.
Pico cured me of my bigotry. Thanks, Pico!
File: 1374276577461.jpg (452.88 KB, 1528x960)
452.88 KB
452.88 KB JPG
Everybody tells you to have friends, but nobody tells you that the interesting people in VNs and anime don't exist in real life.
Everyone is just as boring as you; people bore each other but everybody's afraid to be alone.

I will never meet anyone half as interesting, talented, or passionate as one of the Danganronpas.
Cardcaptor Sakura and Kaleido Star.
K-ON! I guess since it got me into SoL and taught me how to take it easy.
>Dragon Ball Z
>Fullmetal Alchemist

Goku taught me how I should live, his idiocy aside, as cliche as that may be. Avoiding needless strife and being kindhearted in general has taken me to better places.

Edward and Alphonse taught me how life should be viewed. I was already at the height of logic before I watched it (an agnostic), but they reinforced it. Life is uncertain, especially the beginnings of the universe. There is no point wasting time and deluding oneself with religion. Not that I ever did, I'm just trying to point out that there should not be questioning of our origin and related ideas, for the simple fact that we cannot find out. Faith is foolish, and thinking that science is the answer is just as foolish. It is simply uncertain.
Unless it is certain and you just don't know about it, in which case you're the one who is foolish.
Of course it is certain. There is a truth, but we can't tell what it is, making it uncertain.
I'm saying that *you* don't know what it is. Other people would know. Hence, you being a fool.
I abstain from religion. It's all bullshit and I'll have none of it. Not atheist either. Just "no."
I can't pinpoint any single anime, but anime in general has turned me into a lolicon, given me a foot fetish and made me realize that the 3D world is shit compared to the 2D world.

Thanks to anime I have become a social recluse who spends most of his time watching and talking about anime, and has a job that gives him just barely enough money to survive.
Are you one of us in believing that you will see your waifu after you become an hero?
After HS, I started lurking hard and escape the /b/ shit. Probably escaping from life. Thanks to /a/ I have awoken my elitism and made it much more powerful.

I started to double think society and thats when I started lurking other boards like /pol/.

I dont think anime has made that much of an impact on me, other then loving lolis, fetishes, and knowing who's best grill, but as a whole it introduced me more into 4chan and made me understand the world better as well as having a unique diction.
This anime. It has opened my eyes to the greatness of loli and has made me want to fu-, I mean become a father to soft, sweet, eternal lolis.
The Clannad VN turned me into a moe loving faggot.
Planetes taught me that garbage man can be cool job too, you should always ask girl's age first, it's better to try to find a way than to find an excuse, if your country is a shithole, maybe you're supposed to change it and not bitch about it, and you shouldn't get between smoker and his cigarettes.
Tatami Galaxy
File: 1340131666612.jpg (105.21 KB, 1280x720)
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105.21 KB JPG
I got Tanoshii'd, and my life changed afterwards forever.

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