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File: 1203154544900.jpg (44 KB, 704x396)
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Dennou Coil. Worth Seeing? Has lolis with glasses.
File: 1204945404247.jpg (14 KB, 320x200)
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Yes, awesome animation and concept.
In before "It's only good for its porn".
>>Has lolis with glasses.

That's a stupid reason to see it.

But yes, it is. Very talented animators worked on it, nice art, likable and believable (for the most part) characters, good plot, good voice acting, great setting.

It was one of the better shows of '07 or that I've seen in a while.
File: 1204945518485.jpg (47 KB, 704x396)
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I know it's about technology but does it get preachy, pretentious and dull?
I've always wanted to watch this, but I never really like anything Sci-Fi. SO i don't know if i'll enjoy it as other who love Sci-fi. O well batch torrent!
there is porn? this I must see....
File: 1204945580633.jpg (20 KB, 474x541)
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Of course it's worth seeing. It's clear that lot of effort went into animating this. I also like the setting and premise.
boring and shitsux

I couldn't last 3 episodes.

I don't know why /a/ keeps recommending this. You'll only like it if you like lolis running around in THE MATRIX fixing errors nobody cares about.

Just rewatch Ichigo Mashimaro

There's a bit of techno babble especially in the later episodes and it hurts the pacing a bit.

However this is -not- hard sci fi. Ultimately it's about the character's, not about the technology even though it does offer plenty of info about the glasses.

I'm very shallow. My favorite anime this season is Rosario + Vampire.
File: 1204945732743.jpg (455 KB, 858x1200)
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455 KB JPG
File: 1204946021733.jpg (116 KB, 600x800)
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116 KB JPG
Porn fodder.

I hate you /a/. If there's one thing I do NOT want porn of it's this, you sick bastards. Now I'm gonna have to close my window and go watch anime or something.

The more innocent the show, the more it creates porn of it.
File: 1204946204146.jpg (124 KB, 800x600)
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124 KB JPG
Not really.

It errs in the opposite direction. Watch it, even with its flaws it's damn good.

Also, teh pr0nz.
yes.. the more innocence it is the sweeter it is to corrupt it isn't it?
I loved the fact that the two main characters are so lesbian its funny.
I'd jizz on their glasses.
Not if I do it first!

Maybe I put the batteries in backwards on my yuri goggles, but I seriously didn't see it at all.
File: 1204946654824.jpg (370 KB, 792x1046)
370 KB
370 KB JPG
It's good, but the pace is a bit off.
I really need to see the last 5 episodes, I've been delaying it for weeks.

There was no lesbian love. They were like 12 and Yasako liked Haraken anyway.

Anon simply bought his glasses from Yuri Inc. instead of Megamass.
only the beard episode, which did absolutely shit for the plot

I found it slightly annoying that the first 3/4 of the show were very slowly paced, then suddenly in the last handful of eps you hit BREAKNECK LUDICROUS SPEED!!! as far as plot goes.

Definitely one of the better shows from '07

Plus, lolis with glasses, what's not to like?

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