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Hello, I am new to anime and I just finished watching fma and fma brotherhood.

I feel depressed that the adventure is over, please help me ;_;
Post-anime depression general?
I find that killing myself helps depression.
You should give it a try.
I remember that feeling way back when I got to the end of Slayers.
Reminder that the HURDUR LET'S PRETEND I AM NEW shitposter is active.
>i am new to anime
Stopped reading there, fuck off, lurk before posting, kill yourself
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Sorry OP, but I gotta agree here.
If you lurked, you would know that presentation is the only thing that's important when starting a thread.
Your post reeks of newfag(mentioning you're new to anime and mentioning fma) and blogging(mentioning your depression, and asking us to "help you"). Your picture is also terrible, as it doesn't depict any depressing scenes, and it has those stupid black bars at the side.

A better post would be something along the lines of

What anime made you feel the most depressed after finishing, /a/? I felt horrible for weeks after finishing pic related.

It's K-on by the way.
I hope that this will help you to realize the error of your ways, and you will use this experience to make quality threads on /a/.
Happy Posting!
No wonder the shitposter is a k-on fag, worse than hitler.
Whelp, this isn't the place for threads such as this. You might want to find a forum somewhere else.

You can always read the manga next if you wanted, but it will cover nearly the exact same ground. There's plenty more adventures to be had out there, pick a new one up.
Fuck off.

You'd have to be very bored to use this method of shitposting.
lol okay, i bet you weebs only watch moeshit like that retard up there
Kill you are self

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