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File: favorite anime of 2013.jpg (336.04 KB, 920x920)
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What were you're favorite 2013 anime, /a/?

I thought 2013 in general was pretty shit.
Monogatari, WA2, NNB, and Psycho-Pass cour 2 come to mind.

But yeah, 2013 wasn't that good. Mostly a year of backlog for me.
I'M too lazy to make a 3X3. My favourites are:
Inferno Cop
Love Lab
Rozen Maiden 3

These 4 were the best. Also good:
Uchouten Kazoku
Crime Edge

Overall 2013 was ok. Started really good but became much shittier after spring. 2014 looks like it will be far worse, though.
File: 2013x3.jpg (218.11 KB, 920x920)
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Replace Gj-Bu with OreGairu or Quartet

Uchouten is AOTY
Uchouten Kazoku was AOTY.

And I found 2013 to be the best year since 2009.
>Started really good but became much shittier after spring


Winter was by far the worst season of the year. The only good thing was GJ-Bu and Nekomonogatari.
Favorite: Valvrave S1, White Album 2, AKB0048
Really liked: Love Live, Love Lab, Little Witch Academia, Psycho Pass S2, Gargantia, Maou-sama, Yahari, Symphogear G, Non Non Biyori, Log Horizon S1 and Build Fighters.
I think you meant to say "2011 was the best year since 2007".
I think you meant to say "2012 was the best year since 2010".
But 2012 was shit.
Pretty much those.


Not among my top 3 of the year but definitely among the top 9. The threads were great.
Hyouka, Jinrui, SSY, Tsuritama, and JJBA beg to differ
Just because there were some good ones doesn't mean it wasn't shit.

Look at SAO, Nyaruko, Guilty Crown's second cour, Forced Masturbation Drama: The Anime, Accel World, Chuu2, Sakurasou, and EVA 3.0. All of these had potential to at least be decent and they all turned out to be garbage.
2011 had a couple of big hits. And almost nothing good besides those few. Overall it was a pretty shitty year.
Winter had Inferno Cop, Minami-Ke Tadaima, and Chihaya Furu 2.
Falls only decent anime were Gingitsune and maybe Kyousougiga.
Though you're right, I should have said it became really good in spring.
>Forgetting WA2
2013 was an ok year, most of it was pretty average though.
>Ika Season 2
>Yuru Yuri
>Carnival Phantasm
>Guilty Crown

>a couple of big hits

There was plenty of good stuff in that year.
Am I the only one who enjoyed blood lad?
I think you might be the only person who watched it.
2011 was objectively better than 2007.
2014 > Fall > Summer > Spring > Winter

Fuck yes, anime is getting better.
Perfect, I agree 100%.
File: 2013.jpg (316.06 KB, 920x920)
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316.06 KB JPG
Bit of a stretcher, but oh well.
Tamako Market and Puchimas are my top 2.
I also really like Aikatsu!, but that started in 2012.

I've seen 70 shows from 2013, but I don't really feel like going through all of them to pick another 7.

In the spring, I looked forward to Henneko the most each week because it was cute, but I didn't love it.

My AOTS for the summer was KINMOZA followed by Gatchaman.

AOTS for fall was KLK, I guess. I also really liked Meganebu.

Least favourite was SnK by a large margin.
Ho boy, didn't know it's opposite day.
fantasista doll or yowapeda.
File: 1390480181656.jpg (93.93 KB, 321x285)
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93.93 KB JPG
Go post your epic maymay somewhere else.
In no particular order:
Kill la Kill
Non Non Biyori
Kiniro Mosaic
Valvrave S1
Gin no Saji
Can't be arsed with a 3x3:

Samurai Flamenco,
Hataraku Maou-sama,
Yowamushi Pedal,
Infinite Stratos: 2 (Fuck yeah, Charlotte, Laura and Houki)
Log Horizon
Tokyo Ravens - (I couldn't think of anything else)

Eh, Hentai Prince was okay I guess... I liked Azusa. Strike the Blood is pretty shit.
File: 2013_AOTY_original.jpg (164.79 KB, 634x634)
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164.79 KB JPG
File: 2013_AOTY_original (1).jpg (167.56 KB, 634x634)
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167.56 KB JPG

Aw, shit. I completely forgot Log Horizon.

Luckily I still had the window open.
I forgot about Mondaiji. I'd take Tokyo off for that.
File: 1383429649189.gif (1.79 MB, 640x360)
1.79 MB
1.79 MB GIF
Mondaiji-tachi and Lleviathan for mildly hidden gems of 2013.
Monogatari S2
Samurai Flamenco

Blood Lad and VVV were okay too.
Maou-sama was definitely surprise of the year for me.
File: best taste ITT.jpg (307.03 KB, 920x920)
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You don't understand this thread and you have really awful taste.
It's White Fox. A lot of their stuff is great.
Toss up between Monogatari, Kill la Kill and SamFlam. But if I had to choose I would go with SamFlam, because it gave us my favorite moment of anime last year with the gorilla

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