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Anyone else notice how exponentially better the episodes of Jigoku Shouju: Futakomori were compared to that of the first season? It's one of the few situations where one can use the word exponential without pretense.

Jigoku Shoujo thread.
Damn Ayu hardsubbing.
Why didn't they do that before?
Season 3's isn't as good in comparison, the last 2-3 episodes are quite good though.
2>1>3 for Jigoku Shoujo seasons, my only grip with s2 is the finale and the overall plot, it wasn't as good as the other seasons.
>Jigoku Shoujo
I take it you're the guy I recommended it to in that Shiki thread.
How did you enjoy your NTR and puppy murder?
>puppy murder
The sender was retarded
>have two dogs
>she kills one
Then the retarded teenager should have said
>what are you going to do? kill the other one so I can report you to the police?
Instead of what she did.

That said, the funniest part of JS is that most of the cases are from girls.
actually not, I'm just a gringo who picked it up a week ago and became a fanboy.

>puppy murder
I take it Kikuri is more than a Jar Jar, isn't she? Don't tell me how.
Should one feel ashamed if their waifu was a 400 year old demon in the form of a 13 year old girl?
Every single fucking time she says "ippen shinde miru"
Yes you should.

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